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  1. First, congrats to you and the mother. Second, I am really sorry about what I am going to ask next but I just cannot resist asking this, as a feminist. I am gonna ask a few controversial questions.

    Please bear with me. I am asking you this, because people always ask *me* why I do not want to have children, and why I am “so anti-family” and “so anti-child” (the usual charges leveled at childfree feminists, my own mother even once called me “anti-life” in an angry fit), so I really want to ask you this, non-confrontational, non-judgmental, childfree person addressing a soon-to-be parent:

    Why did you decide to become a father?
    And why are you, for lack of a better word, “pro-family”?
    Would you say you are now “pro-child”?

    (I certainly do not use the term “childfree” for myself to insult people who are parents, but because of the condescending/moralistic connotations of that other term, “childless”, which suggests that I myself am “less” of a person for not having children.)

    Another thing: feminists criticizing the use of fetal imagery always point out that the fetus is usually depicted as a separate or stand-alone entity from the mother or the mother’s body, eventho, for its development, the fetus is dependant on the mother’s body that remains nameless and faceless. Feminists (even the ones who are themselves mothers!) have a problem with this “vertiloquizing” of the fetus.

    I would really like to know:

    Why is the mother’s picture not depicted here?
    Did you ask her about including her picture next to the fetus?
    Or did she wish to remain anonymous/faceless because of privacy issues?

    Again, excuse me for asking you all this, this is really not meant to be hostile or anything, I SWEAR! It’s just that I don’t know any people who are fathers (I know mothers my age and beyond, but for some reason no fathers), let alone fathers who would be somewhat open to such questions, or even willing to think about them. I’m really sorry if you think it’s inappropriate to ask such questions, so feel free to ignore them.



  2. Crikey Tex – too many questions barking up the wrong tree. Of course the mother was fully aware I was putting this sci fi scan pic on the site, and I could go on and on about how I am not pro-bourgeois-family (and if you knew Tara you would eat so much pie). As to why I am becoming a father – I think we need more communists. Will that do? Thanks at least for the congratulations, but I guess you should email me if you want more details.

    Red salute


  3. OK, responding as Anon because apparently my name is now blocked? (Why?!) I just wanted to say that I don’t need to mail you in private, I thought your answer here was sufficient (and it’s great to hear that you asked the mother for her permission first, a lot of people don’t). And please unblock me, I won’t bother you with this subject any more (and I think you can just tell me so, you don’t have to block my nick to let me know).


  4. I’ve not ever blocked anyone, so you should be able to post (and you managed fine on later entries)…

    For the record, my position on reproduction is derived from the as ever excellent Gayatri Spivak, see page 68 of A critique of Postcolonial reason.

    Brave New World.


  5. Brave New World, indeed: so many exciting Things To Come. Jax is eating food and growing teeth now. We can’t wait to meet our new comrade in a few months!



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