With the UK Government and the Opposition in crisis over dodgy fat cat donations, and the university in crisis for lack of cash – not donations (a massive tax on corporations should fund the training programs) I was reminded of this pretty little trinket – see pic – that sort of speaks for itself. Collected by Dr Atticus Che Narain at an advice day run by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) some years ago. There were ‘oooh, a few’ scholarships available to ‘oooh, a lot’ of people who wanted them. Education for the already rich, or for those forced to beg – this is not a way forward, however slick your branding strategy. Anyway, the yo-yo gimmick they were handing out says it all – we could complain about funding and selective streamed alpha beta drone higher education restructuring – but we all know its a game of here it is, no its not… up yours and down the hatch. Giggledy piggery fuckin stupidity. [- you can so tell I am enjoying filling out grant application forms today eh?]


2 thoughts on “YO YO FUNDING

  1. a massive tax on corporations should fund the training programs

    Dude, that’s trickle down economics. Trickle down economics here means you are (under-)taxing the filthy rich in order to fund education, but in the end you are still supplying them with the upper-educated surplus they need to keep wages down (or: send everyone to Youtube so that they can “express” themselves, “participate” in the “community” and ultimately get milked for free, cos what else it one to do with that worthless Media Studies degree?). Can’t higher education become self-sufficient, and not so dependent on trickle down economics?


  2. There is nothing trickle down about what I mean at all, unless its the blood of the ruling class in pain – When I say ‘massive tax’ I mean massive and taxing as in 98% (we can debate exactly how high we go, but certainly a complete about turn from the 1% they pay these days). Other people sometimes call this model a planned economy. Certainly more than a transitional demand…

    ‘Self-sufficient higher education’ strikes me as dubious. And why would it be higher? And look at all those media degree creatives pulling down a salary in the culture industry. But self-sufficient? How would reading obscure poets and making up crosswords out of the names of revolutionary heroes ever pay for classroom maintenance?


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