Mary and the Boy virus

I am supposed to be preparing a talk, but some tunes – na na na, na na, na nan na – you just cannot get out of your head. Having seen “Mary and the Boy” play their cover of the ‘Kellis’ Milkshake track live the other week (well sort of live, the track is slowed down to a death dirge, and there was a rabbit hole aspect where the rabbit was called k-), I’ve just not been able to get this ditty displaced from my frontals. I am not the only one afflicted I know, but even humming Beethoven’s pastoral symphony didn’t help as we are so adept at mixing these days that both tunes could merge into each other in a kind of perfect syncopation, and who knows what people thought as we walked down a street making noises that would bug most people (as they do me).

If anyone knew the lyrics of any of the other M&tB tracks, such as the one about that Laura trauma moment that Zizek speaks about, they’d have been fairly justified in crossing to t’other side of the road.

So listen to this aural virus. We saw Mary and the Boy at the Stimulus Respond ‘launch’. The third track here is Milkshake, the first is well rude.

6 thoughts on “Mary and the Boy virus

  1. Beethoven and Kelis mixed together makes no sense sure, or maybe it rather does… ‘both bearing the stigmata of capitalism’, … ‘torn halves’ of a whole that do not add up… You recognise its Adorno here right? ‘It would be romantic to sacrifice one for the other’ as he writes to Benjamin (Complete Correspondence 1999:130) -J


  2. It was with a great ‘Oooooh Yes!’ that I recovered a crumpled Tandoori reciept from the depths of dirty dress pocket (drunkenly placed to be found over a week later during laundry sorting). I was the small illustrator of cats and pigs. We spoke about Milkshake, Marxism and Princess Smartypants.

    I look forward to reading this blog!



  3. This totally sucks. The original (which is not by Kelis but by Kia) is much better. Weird combinations of classical music with mainstream lyrics are really not funny or cool (recall that choir version of DEVO’s Mongoloid). If you like this stuff, you should listen to Rasputina, at least they wrote their own lyrics. Marilyn Manson did an accoustic version of Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around (at least that was somewhat good) that mainstream Canadian bitch “Oh, Sex & The City is sooo boring, I’ve already done all they did in that show” whose name I fortunately forgot did an awful totally un-funny version of the BEP’s My Humps (my Greek version is better and funnier)… I am really not impressed, nor laughing. I don’t need some un-funny altos to cover Usher’s Yeah in order for me to justify listening to it to myself. How much of this is lilly white nerd who can’t bear the though of admitting to listening to bling bling mainstream artists, so they just cover the songs to justify this to themselves. “Mary & The Boy” is Elvis to the lilly white nerds who really do know and listen to “I Love My Bitch”, but can’t admit it until someWHITEone re-records it with a church organ — talking about a sacralizing justification, despicable sexist lyrics purified and made save(d?) for white nerds by mere association with the church “organ” (bring in the Freudians now!)/ instruments used in the House of Gawd) thrown in… can you see mow why I am not impressed nor laughing?


  4. Hi Maria – Excellent – sort of how I feel with a ditty I can’t dislodge from the jukebox in my lobes, but it also makes me laugh out loud. Droll like. Troll like.

    Shall I suffer more and search out this Kia?

    I do think sacralizing by humping on the church organ is perhaps one of the better uses of Church furniture I can imagine. And those were high priests indeed. Be well. – J


  5. Jenn – hi, glad you found the receipt. And I hope you found the Princess – by Babette Cole. – J


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