Global Teaching Factories

First day of the new term, enthused students trying to work out the convoluted enrollment process, queues of people waiting to hand over their fees, or wandering round looking for where to sign up for ever-shifting class times, while bushy-eyed-bright-tailed student unionists recruit for funding and welfare campaigns, as we all try to squeeze into a cramped scruffy room (and I just checked my allocated room for next week and there are not enough chairs). So then…

I read this ad from the Times Higher Education Supplement for a conference to REAL-ISE the global university. Check the metaphoric code for its subtle neo-colonial/propertied/mining exploration/teaching factory tropology. Sheesh. And we thought the ‘migrating university’ was an unBEARable pun. These folks wanna rule the world, by drill-though, ground-breaking, charting, course line-ups. The Global University as the agent of change… stop and admire!

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