Migrating University and Facebook Data Mining

A flurry of activity. A frisson of excitement. And even though I am deeply suspicious of the format, facebook has been a good place to gauge the degree of interest in the Migrating University Project we are putting on through the Centre for Cultural Studies. Its no surprise that there are a half dozen large groups of Goldsmiths/New Cross facebookerists, but the best of them perhaps is the outfit that has produced the spin off badge that is in the picture in this post (itself a response to the rebranding of Goldsmiths that emerged from the Brand consultancy – those ‘radical’ badges now vastly improved dontchya think?).

Now, Facebook as data mining may produce various farragos of anxiety about the distributed nature of auto-panoptica that this format really is – you are watched, my friend, or you are not, but there will always be a trace. One of the better discussions of Facebook-paranoia-surveilance stems from Confused of Calcutta, but generally I am wary of the feedback loop of facebook or other format discussions. Blog comments on the nature of blogging seemed particularly viral a few years back. The point though is, by doing exactly this I get to both repost the So Fucking Goldsmiths pic, which is a must-have trinket, and mention some other education posts from earlier (here, here, here and here). It also gives me a chance to mention that the reason I’ve been on facebook this week is to promote the Migrating University event at Goldsmiths this friday and satuday – and to announce the program is updated here. All are welcome. You should come.

No Detentions, No Deportations, No Borders in Education, Freedom of Movement for All.

And there is a Migrating University group on Facebook as well, simple search should find it.

Image is from So Fucking Goldsmiths (oops, copyright theft, but if you search them on Facebook and join they will forgive me, right).

2 thoughts on “Migrating University and Facebook Data Mining”

  1. It is odd how popular Facebook is, when you outgrow MySpace.

    I’m content blogging.


  2. haha, we’ll forive you the copyright infringement this time, because we enjoy being talked about.


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