No Borders Gatwick

first notes for a Migrating University to be held at Gatwick International Airport amidst the No Borders Camp(link below)

The No Borders camp at Gatwick in september (19th-24th) is an ideal opportunity for the local uni to rouse itself from sleepy London and show its solidarity with Britain’s new settlers, condemn the Government’s asylum and detention practices, and expose the hypocrisy of having unregulated capital flow alongside racist fortress-europe restrictions on people.

So, let’s get Goldsmiths on the move.
– tent university, courses and workshops on race, migration, Muticulturilism, gender and sexuality, Media, culture, literature, music, activism and education etc.
– practical and theoretical programs, taught by current Goldsmiths and invited international(ist) professors, general staff, gaduates and students,all welcome.
– a non-elitist and democratic administrative structure, not a teaching factory governed by commodity servicing
– a fighting representative education union, open to everyone, no i.d cards
– for critical radical intellectual renewal drawing upon the vast creative and expressive resources of people’s movement(s)

please add things to this… and of course read the Invitation to the No Borders Camp proper

The No Borders Camp invite is here and No Borders proper is here.


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  1. This is a great idea. Let’s take Goldsmiths along. Shame I haven’t finished my thesis yet – quite like the idea of having a viva in a tent.


  2. Good idea. How about a goldies/worksshop or fest with speakers on relevant themes or is that not appropriate for such an ocassion?


  3. Jul 8, 2007 (4 days ago)PUBLIC MEETING & BENEFIT PARTY FOR GATWICK NO BORDER CAMP, SATURDAY 21st JULY FROM 3pmfrom No Borders London by getonit
    Chat’s Palace Community Arts Centre
    42-44 Brooksby’s Walk, Homerton, London E9
    Nearest station Homerton Silverlink, buses 242, 276, S2 and W15

    A day & night of discussions, films, food and live music in solidarity with
    migrants & refugees.

    3pm : ‘Underground Londoners’ – Film and talk from London’s tube cleaners,
    many of whom are undocumented migrant workers, about their campaign for a
    living wage.

    4pm: Detainee Self-help Support Project: An insight into the UK immigration
    detention, struggles from the inside, and support and solidarity from the
    outside, by ex-detained Kenyan asylum seeker and activist George Mwangi.

    5pm: Sink or Swim: Climate change and environmental refugees
    The small pacific island of Tuvalu is sinking – year by year, the low lying
    island is being washed away by rising seas caused by climate change.
    Eventually, the entire nation of Tuvalu will become refugees.
    Over half of the world’s refugees are displaced for environmental reasons –
    from floods caused by the felling of forests, to oil spills and
    desertification. How the Global North consumes the world’s resources and the
    waste and climate change this causes creates a huge number of refugees, many
    of whom we then detain and deport for seeking a better life. This workshop
    will explore the connections between climate change and migration, and the
    state’s response.

    19th-24th September 2007. Public meeting about the camp, and the campaign
    against the new asylum detention centre which is being built at Gatwick.
    This will be followed by a short film about a previous No Border Camp in
    Woomera (Australia).

    7pm-midnight: BENEFIT PARTY – food & music
    Main stage: music from
    Spanner (ska/punk)
    52 Commercial Road (post rock)
    plus more tbc

    Room 2: Live acoustic music from:
    Ruth Theodore
    Plus more tbc

    Afternoon – free/donation
    7pm-midnight – £5 waged/ £3 unwaged/ free to asylum seekers

    Money raised will go to GATWICK NO BORDER CAMP – 19-24 September 2007
    Part of a campaign to stop the new Gatwick detention centre.


  4. this looks and sounds very exciting. you have recruited at least one person (an ex-goldsmiths) with your post. i’ll definitely be there this saturday to see what i can do.


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