Crackin Up

I had wondered, as I stumbled towards the cafe early this morning – awake far too close to dawn – why there were so many coppers in Kennington. The news this evening reveals that 150 of our intrepid gang had raided the Rastafarian Temple at the long-term squatted houses down the road from where I live. It is possible someone has been telling them fat porkers as apparently they have been searching the Temple all day for crack and so far have not found any ‘evidence’. Motive for the raid: there is a grainy surveillance photo in the paper from last week where allegedly someone outside the premises is waving a gun. It could, however, be a carrot. So, residents coming home from work today are agog in this well-to-do leafy inner London village type community place thing (leafy it is for the main part, but the tree outside my house was chopped down while I was away. Gnnnng). For mine, I thought the headlines outside Kennington Tube this afternoon were worthy of note – crack no longer available locally, so catch a flight to Miami. BA has it sorted.

Blair, meanwhile, back from his Florida holiday at the Gibbs Mansion, has today declared that gun and knife crime in London is not a consequence of poverty, but is caused by Black culture (Guardian, page 1 13 April 2007). Angry responses from all sides to such so called refusal to be cowed by political correctness. Sure, poverty should not make you want to wave a carrot or a gun… or smoke crack for fun… just smile, and wish you lived in Islington, or in one of those well-to-do sarf-London crack-den suburbs, like Kennington.

Update 14 April. The evening news reported that the cops had found Marijuana in the Rastifarian temple. I am flabbergasted.*

[*The Free Dictionary:

Adjective: flabbergasted – as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise; “a circle of policemen stood dumbfounded by her denial of having seen the accident”; “the flabbergasted aldermen were speechless”; “was thunderstruck by the news of his promotion”

dumbfounded, dumfounded, stupefied, thunderstruck surprised – taken unawares or suddenly and feeling wonder or astonishment; “surprised by her student’s ingenuity”; “surprised that he remembered my name”; “a surprised expression”]


One thought on “Crackin Up

  1. This whole incident is much more to do with luxury flats than it does drug dealers. I mean what C1 twenty something would want to live next door to that much local colour?

    In November 2005 you might remember the over kill of hundreds of masked coppers marching down the squat street in St Agnes Place. In spite of the resistance offered the street was evicted and promptly demolished. At that time the drug dealers (oh and rent non-payment – like Lambeth even knew who owned the properties!) were touted as excuses for cleansing the space. The temple was given a break because of the tolerance of faith communities angle but ultimately court actions behind the scenes have been slow eroding their ‘legitimacy’ to stay in the neighbourhood. So the Met concoct a story about the 32 different rooms to which customers were lead into according to their preference (I’m assuming that that would be 32 rooms of marijuana choice: black hash, thai stick, lebanese, african grass, skunk weed, etc)

    You’ll notice that the recent raid was carried out by a partnership of Lambeth Council and the Met. Clearing the way for property developers to build beutiful park side residences for more desirable residents!

    The sad demise of England’s largest squat is deailed here:

    but there is still hope a little further down the New Camberwell Road:


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