welcome to earth

HaHa. Just back from dinner at The Lavender (its monday, quiet, their ‘forgotten’ Riesling is very fine) and on the way back to Kennington tube I was vastly amused by the man who wins the February “Quote of the Week” award. OK, he was a twigged out, crack-head, cranked up, dead-beat proper drunk slumped on a seat like some unregistered busker type (you get them in my parts), and his tune was not quite in harmony with itself, but the lyric seems original:

they told me to tell you,
Welcome to Earth.
You are here as a visitor,
This is not a shopping spree.
You will take nothing with you,
Use it with care”.

Accompanied by a twangled guitar solo of the type that is often described as ‘an opaque melody that would bug most people’. This, in the circumstances, was excellent.

And it perfectly rounded off an evening that began with noticing some despicably optimistic ‘vandals’ had desecrated the Deptford Town Hall (near the CCS office) with graffiti that said “Everything is possible” – an old tried and trusted favourite for sure. Thought crime lives. I betcha it takes less than two days to wash it off. Cos it is not a shopping spree. No sir. Quote of the week. And it was the second time today that I’d been reminded that this was a visit to earth (though the earlier time it was refined precisely as ‘Planet Goldsmiths’ – thanks MCH).

The pic is from the New Cross Newsagent local newspaper promo display on Sunday. Oh how we do love Deptford fight nights.