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Bio: Reader in Cultural Studies at Goldsmiths College. I’ve published three single authored books and several edited collections on topics such as music and politics, representation and travel. The Rumour of Calcutta (Zed 1996) was widely reviewed, as was Critique of Exotica (Pluto 2000). More recently, in 2004 Bad Marxism came out (Pluto 2004). A book co-written with Virinder Kalra and Raminder Kaur entitled Diaspora and Hybridity has just come out with Sage. Celebrating Transgression co-edited with Ursula Rao comes out in November 2005 with Berghahn.

My Interests sort of fall into three thematic categories: 1. Technology, understood through the philosopher Heidegger’s essay ‘The essence of technology’ and his critical encounter with Marx in the ‘Letter on Humanism’; 2. Representation, in film, television, art and music – extensively in relation to a critique of cultural ‘ownership’ and the politics of music/ethnicity; 3. Communism – with reference to Asian communism, alternate public spheres, and the politics envisioned in a reconfigured future that does not take Das Kapital as a blueprint for the good life, but as a guide for the critical questioning of everything.

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