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The people of the whole world are confronted with a global challenge by imperialism aiming to solidify and expand a world-wide empire. They have declared their right to use military force to intervene anywhere and everywhere, to destroy peoples and their lands, to slander the people’s struggles as “terrorist” in order to legitimise snuffing out any resistance to their vicious military, political, and economic order.
The World People’s Resistance Movement has been formed to help the struggles all over the globe flow together into a mighty torrent. The WPRM provides an international vehicle to promote and facilitate the world wide unity against imperialism. Today people of the world need to oppose the imperialist crusade carried out under the sign “war on terrorism”.
The WPRM does not seek to supplant or compete with any other people’s organisation on a national or international level. All those on the same side of the barricades are welcome.
Help us to build WPRM everywhere in the world. North and South, East and West, unite the people’s struggles! http://www.wprm.org

3 thoughts on “WPRM”

  1. well, i have been following your blog for quite some time and i think with time you have started to wright about things that really matters not only to you but also to lot of other people around the world, seems like your in the our side of the barricades(eventhough, u work as an intellectual, elite, acadamic in a british university…)so, keep the good work up, LAL SALAM!


  2. well, thanks, Chandboju. Do you mean this blog Tawdry Souvenirs, or have you also been reading Trinketization?

    A note on ‘elite’ – yep, no doubt the bosses at Goldsmiths have pride in our status as greatest arts university on the planet etc etc, but the extreme high cost of living in London plus relative academic salary decline while workload increases exponentially means the lifestyle ain’t so elevated as one might expect. Since I noticed most of my students have to work nearly full time in the ‘creative industries’ to survive, I used to argue about proletarianisation with the CPGB. But they now seem to be coming round to the same view: Hillel Tickten comments in a recent article: “In sectors such as education and health, the state is increasingly demanding ‘value for money’. In other words, it is trying to proletarianise the workers in those sectors. I would never have predicted that university lecturers would become workers, but that is what is happening. Increasingly they must be present between 9 and 5 and be able to account for their time. The authorities need to do this to regain control, which cannot be achieved through the operation of the law of value, although this has been tried. Consequently it has become a totally bureaucratic form which malfunctions within itself” ( CPGB-Ticktin)

    Though this is a minor skirmish in the global class war, the fight has to be taken up here at home too. Lal Salaam.


  3. well, i figured out this blog only recently. Earlier, i was more familiar with your other blog-Trinketization. For a while, even i shared a deep infatuation for high theory; post modernism, lacanian psychoanalysis, French philosophy, zizek, badiou,, etc. well, gone are those days where I was wandering not knowing what to do and where to turn to, coupled with my deep intellectual ignorance…revolution is not at the gates but knocking on our door in south Asia with the success of Nepal Maoists…therefore, the answer to questions of “what is to be done?”, of “revolutionary”, of “practical-critical”, activity are taking an unprecedented and most interesting turn here…better be on your guard there too…


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