1857.org.uk – Commemorate the 150th anniversary of 1857 uprising from a peoples perspective

The 1857 uprisings were a part of the war of national liberation in South Asia
India and South Asia are still going through this struggle
·We need to link the history of our people to what is happening today

Aims and Objectives

·Commemorate the 150th anniversary of 1857 uprising from a peoples perspective

·Organise a series of events and activities around 1857 uprising

The themes that we wish to promote through these events and activities include:

·Historical significance of the 1857 uprising in South Asia and Internationally.

·The significance and implications of 1857 uprising to contemporary events and struggles in South Asia and Internationally

·The significance and affect of the 1857 uprisings to the UK and its reactions then and its reactions to current events now:

oanti colonialism

oanti terror issues.

4)What were the affects of 1857 uprisings on culture, then and now, and what can we learn from them.

5)Why celebrate the 1857 events in South Asia

·It is one of the first struggles against colonialism and imperialism and it represented a focal point for the struggles that developed subsequently against colonialism and imperialism in South Asia and internationally. In today’s context it bears similarities to the global events of today and the struggle against re-colonisation and imperialism.

4)Plans and activities for the Commemoration

a) Publication

We agreed to produce a publication. This would be a final piece that would be launched at the public event in Sept/Oct 2007. The publication will follow our set objectives and themes

b) Films on 1857

Organise films that we can take around to events that are happening around the UK. These could also be shown at the public event.

c) Exhibition

Prepare an exhibition that we can take around to events that are happening around the UK. A suggested theme was to do a comparison between 1857 and 2007.

d) Website

Launch a website which will host all materials which support our objectives and themes. It is anticipated that the website will encompass a discussion forum and allow contributions from others.

e)Cultural Aspects

The group agreed that it will also explore cultural aspects to the 1857 uprisings. These could then be encompassed within other activities.

Final Day Event marking the 1857 in October 2007 –

This would be a multi-venue and transnational event encompassing countries from South Asia, Britain and possibly other South Asian settlements in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia. .

We would like to hear from all peoples in participating or contributing to the commemoration. Contact us to help and or join the committee. Next meeting of the Committee is organised for the 15th October 2006 at the SOAS details to be available soon.

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