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I’ve not met Jodi Dean, but I like her style – a little anxiety at an error on the last page of her new book I can surely understand (since my first book – Rumour – had an error on page two – gnnng). And I like the way you can have a little anxiety and still do self promotion (which is what this blog is about – see Trinketization for better-more-the same…)…

Anyway, her book comes out in two weeks – so I am pre-ordering as from what I heard of it in advance it looks good.

I cite August 09, 2006
[jodi writes:]
My advance copies of Zizek’s Politics arrived today.
Apparently, books will be in the warehouse in two weeks.

It’s weird. On the one hand, I’m happy to have the book out. On the other, I feel a kind of pit in my stomach, anxiety over the book’s appearing. Somehow, the appearance of this book makes me feel more exposed than I have with other books and articles. It may be that this sick feeling is linked to the difficulties during copyediting, a process that was more complicated than usual because I had to
make a bunch of alterations after Parallax View appeared.

The sick feeling was confirmed and heightened just now when I discovered that the last sentence of the book makes no sense (a word is missing or one word should be
changed), that there is a mistake in it. The mistake is, of course, mine. But I wish I had caught it. Or that one of the various copyeditors had. Oh god, this makes me feel so completely ill. I’m afraid of looking through it and finding more errors.”

Don’t look any further Jodi – you can’t change em now. It will be fine.