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The airlines have gone insane, banning cabin luggage: – mobile phones and cameras to be crushed in the hold; ban on all liquids (though you can take on personal medications – see pic); baby food to be tasted by mothers before being carried on board (better check their nappies too eh – for baby bombs!); spectacles to be taken out of cases (why – if they are high powered could they be used to focus the sun’s rays onto detonator touch paper?); and no newspapers or books (just in case you were planning on making a text bomb, or an origami gun?). This last restriction means I am island marooned – shipwrecked even – as the thought of crossing the atlantic without a book to read means the ‘terrorists’ have already won. So far 24 of these alleged plotters have been arrested by the OB, infiltrated (hmmm, not entrapped?) by the heroic paranoids that also brought us the shootings at Stockwell and Forest Gate – cos we all know they must be guilty and only a conspiricy theorist (101) would ask if its not just another cover for that other news story that was interrupting Blair’s Caribbean holiday. [note, not mediterranean holiday – he was warned off going there, cos someone else had some plans for scorching the region]…

Among other interesting responses in the last 24 hours, both Aki Nawaz from fun^da^mental and the dodgy archbish of cant have denounced Bush jr’s use of the phrase ‘islamic fascists’. Quite a strange conjunction – but there are fascists everywhere that should already have been exposed often enough (look in a mirror George). Should we not be a bit more circumspect and not rush too quickly to use the fash term – reserving it for special foes, like those who dispossess people of their land, homes and lives in a kind of programmed extermination… as has been infliced on people in, say, Lebenon… OK – Bataille, Adorno and Spivak on fascism and terror are gonna be the topics of my PhD seminar classes for next term (that’s so sure to be a help, eh!). At least Aki gets his point across – BBC news last night, and:

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I am guessing though that you can’t take your Ipod on international flights either, since
music is a weapon of mass destruction. Right. We are living in heaven. New options needed.


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  1. Already it starts:

    BBC News: Last Updated: Friday, 11 August 2006, 11:35 GMT 12:35 UK

    Police fears of threat to Muslims

    It was “totally wrong” to retaliate against at Muslims, Mr Fahy said
    Police have increased their presence in Britain’s Muslim communities in case of attacks following the arrests over an alleged plot to blow up US airliners.

    A fire has been started at a mosque in Chester, said Peter Fahy from the Association of Chief Police Officers. …


  2. where once upon a time, people took out each other with punches, then it became that many people would actually have to blow up stuff with relish to get attention, and then it became the sort of Baudrillardian nightmare of wars are real because it’s on tv, now violence has become like hyper-efficient in that it does not actually have to be shown/performed on television for ”mass murder on an unimaginable scale” to be real. media has now abandoned the practice, clearly outdated, of representing anything via images and information (real or speculated or made-up), and has now turned to, with such teenage enthusiasm too, spinning terror from nothing. it might as well be fiction. why not? this goes beyond easy dimissive skepticism – this is the new terrorist that does the job for and way better than any bottle bomber: the media is the fucking terrorist.


  3. Nope, can’t be fiction – that is not allowed either.

    You can’t even bring your own books on planes right now (funny story about a friend getting strip searched trying to smuggle Appaduri through last night…). And airline WH Smiths make a killing selling Jordan’s biography to the desperate…


  4. So I can buy a potboiler in the departure lounge can I? – great – I so wanted to read Rooney’s auto-biography, and I guess they will also stock Big Bother 7: the true (!wanker!) story. This is gonna save popular literature…

    Reid, D-PM Press-caught and F-PM Brown – I hope they go down for letting the bank release the names and for authorising the raids of these lads – the piggy-polies should be dashed harshly (not just via voting) if they are unable to prove these 24 were not just normal soccer-playing Walthamstowe lads.


  5. Paul Linford has added to the speculations that the terror ‘scare’ is a vote winner for the Home Secretary. Reid and Johnson does look like a great team in the run up to the New Hampshire primary. Clearly Reid’s learnt a thing or two from watching those training epiosodes from the West Wing where the contenders jockey for position before one of them collapses in a heap on polling day. (I guess Deputy Presscaught was thinking the same way). Unfortunately that isn’t how its gonna work here is it – the trouble for Reid and Johnson is that they will have to look appealling to voters to make sure they are not evicted early by Davina (a double eviction is also on the cards – of both Reid and Brown, both should be ‘less than confident’). There is no way I can countenance the idea of these guy’s getting the gong – and Reid’s worse than the fellow with the dog.

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  6. luckily the handbag restrictions have been ended for flights and there is a ceasefire in Lebanon – which means the 1000+ dead do not have to die anymore and we can all take novels on the plane again. Yippee – we are indeed livin in heaven.


  7. New York Times today:
    article by SERGE F. KOVALESKI

    “…For as long as anyone can remember, Mr. Khatib had dressed like most British teenagers, favoring jeans, T-shirts, sneakers and other Western-style fashion. But last year, he abruptly adopted a new look that apparently reflected a deeper sense of devotion on the part of the British-born Muslim from East London.

    Mr. Khatib was now seen wearing only traditional Islamic clothing and often talking outside of his family’s modest townhouse on Wellington Road with a new set of friends who dressed similarly, some of them with thick beards…”

    – comment – Oh my Gawd, he’s got a bearded friend. Can’t be letting that on the plane now can we.

    And regarding the in flight liquid ban – having airport security officials confiscate drinks from passengers and poor them out into a tub, as reported by one observer yesterday, seems choice. Great idea – mix them all together in same container just near the crowded departure lounge area – has to be the smartest way yet to deal with the threat that ‘the terrorists’ (with beards no doubt) were going to smuggle components of liquid explosive and mix them together on board themselves… “Sir, yes, you Sir with the beard, I’m so sorry Sir but we can allow no drinks on the plane, I’ll have to take that from you Sir” …glug glug…ka pow! Your airport crowding dramas solved…


  8. What’s on

    Red Pepper Debate: ‘All Is War (The benifits of G-Had)’

    Discussion with Aki Nawaz from Fun-Da-Mental plus screening of the album video. Speakers include Louise Christian, Ken Fero (Injustice films) and Natacha Atlas. Freedom of speech is a Fundamental right. Surely, to protect all our civil liberties and democracy all voices should be heard? So why is Aki Nawaz demonised and his latest album censored?

    17 August 6.45pm, RampART 15-17 Rampart St. London. E1 2LA
    email for details or to book a place


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