Updates on the aggression against lebanon

Updates on the aggression against lebanon: “Mapping of Israeli assault: July 12-24

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Minute by Minute:: July 25
14:01 Six Israeli air strikes on environs of al-Khiam, Ibl al-Saqi and al-Khiam/Marjeoun road
13:58 Lebanese army command calls on all soldiers and reserves to help with relief work
13:50 Nabih Berri: only solution is for Israelis to withdraw from Sheba’a Farms and K’farshouba hill, hand over landmine maps and exchange prisoners; afterwards if US wants comprehensive solution, Lebanon will be part of it
13:37 Israeli shelling of populated area in Mays al-Jabal
13:35 Renewed Israeli shelling of several villages near Sour (Tyre)
13:30 Nabih Berri: Israelis lost number of tanks in Maroun al-Ras and were not able to advance; that is why every single house in Bint Jbeil is being demolished; there is no difference in outlook with Siniora
13:24 Italian Prime Minister: main aim of Rome conference is implementation of ceasefire in Lebanon
13:20 Nabih Berri: Israel’s policies in Lebanon unrelated to abduction of two soldiers; timing for their abduction was known since last exchange of prisoners, which was incomplete; [DR!] Rice’s effect on Lebanon remains, although she is no longer here, through her minions; Rice did not give priority to cease fire and her conditions are danger to Lebanese unity; Rice called for keeping border area uninhabited, till after reconstruction; Israel is blocking swift exchange of prisoners; we only suggested prisoner exchange
13:14 Nabih Berri to al-Arabiya TV: meeting with Rice was tense
13:12 German News Agency: 25 injured in Haifa as result of Hezbollah shelling
13:10 Fouad Siniora to lead Lebanese delegation to Rome
13:05 Olmert in favor of continuing war, Rice calls for new Middle East
The horror, the horror


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  1. Aside from what we do hear (and how terrible is it to hear all that) there is also what we hear we don’t hear … [no apologies to Donald R]. Hear this!

    From an internal confidential BBC news source:

    > >From: >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    > >Sent: 24 July 2006 12:02
    > >To: Editorial Board
    > >Cc: Newsg World Asseds; Malcolm Balen; Simon Wilson-NEWS
    > >Subject: Updated Censorship Guidelines
    > >
    > >
    > >Further to our discussion at the 8.50, this morning the Israelis have issued new guidance as the IDF steps up its activities in Northern Israel. They’re clearly preparing for ground warfare on the northern border and refer to the option of large scale military activity.
    > >
    > >The regulations try to establish parameters in which we can make our own decisions about what we can say — we do not submit material to censor prior to broadcast. Much of it is common sense; the more general we are, the free-er hand we have; more specific and it becomes increasingly tricky. There are specific issues raised about the live coverage of combat operations:
    > >We should not identify the specific location where any battle is taking place
    > >We cannot mention military targets which the targets are being pursued
    > >They don’t want us to publish information about missing personnel and captives until it’s released by the authorities
    > >We cannot cover any visits of officials live
    > >So far, we’ve not been stopped from broadcasting anything we wanted to. However, as the rules tighten up, it’s inevitable that we will have to make clear that we’re unable to report certain facts. Rather than come up a form of words for programme teams in London, I suspect it will probably make more sense to the audience if it forms part of the narrative of the story. So, as in Tyre, the teams on the ground will make clear what they can and cannot say — and if necessary make clear that we’re operating under reporting restrictions. J
    > >–
    > >


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