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Trinketization – as manifest so far in books like Rumour, Exotica and BM, will soon have to be expanded beyond the bits and bobs here…

Where did I leave it last time?

Ahh, oh yes, the obligatory six-point programme [a bit of obscure blather at the end of the book]:

1. Fetish and trick – requires dexterous analysis not grinning

2. Trinketisation – requires contextualisation, recognition of systematic

3. Contextualisation – requires an ethnographic engagement with
enframing (with all its methodological hang-ups born of
Malinowskian fieldwork and its disintegration, have a look for
yourself, learn to learn from below).

4. The curse of sanctioned ignorance – requires slow work for
transnational literacy.

5. The public secret of institutional complicity – requires mainstreaming,
articulation, visibility.

6. Visibility – requires a politically transformatory project.

– page 207 of Bad Marxism.

[the pic is sent by Elena, who threatens/promises to come study in CCS at Goldsmiths again from September – its from “a place [in Barcelona] called “Caixa Forum” (amazing building up a hill) and the artist (Dan Perjovschi -romanian born, 1961) drew it on the wall with a chalk (along with many other things). It’s the third project for a series called “made to measure””.
She says ‘Enjoy’. I say yep, lets enjoy recovering Marx from the trinketising abusers and smash, thereby, such subplanetary flotsom as Mike Gane, whom I have not yet forgiven for teaching people to forget Mao]


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  1. Nooooo, that would be scary. What I mean is its time to perpetrate another book. This one is my summer writing task – to wrestle the manuscript that is currently called “The Jungle Book” into some sort of better shape.


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