Che and Beret part 2

[continued from part one]

But most annoying of all in the kiss-off-the-revolution in favour of a quick publicity buck is when – na na na – Kylie also dons a Che shirt… My trouble with this is that the absinthe pixie (her best role in a film was just a few minutes and she was in miniature green) soon after also wore a beret, but this time the very very wrong sort of beret, on a mission to support the troops in their imperial adventures – oops, mixed messages there KM. The War of Terror continues…

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One thought on “Che and Beret part 2

  1. Kylie isn’t sending out mixed messages. She’s sending out the message that inflicting violence against non-combatants in order to pursue political or economic goals is acceptable and/or hip. Neither Che nor Blair/Dubya balk(ed) at killing non-combatants whilst in pursuit of their of their goals, so why should Kyles discriminate..?


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