Corporate Stones Pop Crack

Keith Richards is apparently up and about after his fall from a coconut tree, though The Sun reported yesterday that he’d had the hole in his skull enlarged. That’s his skull, not his skull ring…

Anyway, since he is apparently gonna be fine, now might be the time to sink the boot in a bit for his tolerance of that dandy Mick and the long long run of corporate rip-off that the Stones have perpetrated upon us for all these years with their tours sponsored by car manufacturing outfits and mega ticket prices hardly mitigated by the occasional ‘intimate venue’ gig ‘for the fans’ cos we love to do that sort of thing routine. Who am I kidding if I ever thought – shock, remember – that rock and roll had EVER been oppositional. The lyrics fo street fightin man were just that – lyrics. Never a call to arms, not while our fab five were kitted out in those awful fedoras and outfits that owe more to curtain fabric than to fashion…

So, though I remain a fan and Exile on Main Street is the best album ever and so on, I sure am glad you are up for more luxury holidays maaaan, must be so much satisfaction in knowing that riches buy the kind of medical technology that can rebuild you that fast.

Ahhh, and when did the Stones involvement with corporate culture first kick off? – I think we have it here – I thank Ted Swedenburg for this link to the Stones 1964 ADVERTISMENT jingle for KELLOGS Rice Crispies. We are talking breakfast cereals – surreal – snap snap – pop music – and the ring of the cash registers… and more…

Stop and stare:


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  1. awwwww, damn. the stones have lawyers and they removed this great clip. if someone finds it elsewhere (should’ve ripped it) then let us know.



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