With Cat Like Tread… stomp stomp

Gulp, the week has flown by and being in Melbourne has landed me with the old allergies and hay-fever that is part of what keeps me away, but news sent from Pirate Paul reminds me that going back to England isn’t necessarily a return to the real: This item:
‘April 5, 2006: BBC News: “Terror fear over Clash fan’s song”
A phone salesman was hauled off a London-bound plane by police after his taste in music aroused terrorism fears. Harraj Mann, 23, asked a taxi driver to play The Clash’s London Calling through the vehicle’s stereo.
But the cabbie rang police after he heard the song which includes the line: “War is declared and battle come down”. Police said Mr Mann, from Hartlepool, was released without charge after his arrest on board a Bmi plane at Durham Tees Valley Airport. Durham Police said a security check revealed he did not pose a threat.’

Well great – profiling AND surrealism. The Clash were dodgy I agree, but this is five days after April Fool’s day, so its sets me wondering… I will think carefully and choose something equally provocative – perhaps ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ by Gilbert and Sullivan – for my ride home next week…


3 thoughts on “With Cat Like Tread… stomp stomp

  1. Or, you could always sing along to
    Judy Garland’s The Pirate, and have the opportunity to rhyme ‘neurasthenia’ with ‘scizophrenia’… not far off from lines about ‘phoney Beatlemania’ biting the dust.


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