bye bye – Chicago’s storm troopers

Why should Blair go now? on the 3rd anniversary of the start of the Iraq war? Nah, head in the sand as ever.

The Guardian front page today “should” have been this picture from Chicago, rather they buried it small on page 15 – the tiniest of 6 snaps. OK, so maybe there’s a devious being tampering with my edition and this pic is somehow not ‘really’ from yesterday’s anti-war rally in Chicago, but is rather a still from the Star Wars after show party from 19 years ago. (Not that they needed riot cops to police that event – in the middle of the land of the free this speaks volumes).

What do we have to do to crush Bliar and those like him – get some posh French students over here maybe?

One thought on “bye bye – Chicago’s storm troopers”

  1. there’s your repetition for you – loans, demos, riots in the Paris streets. need a new mode…


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