Notes on Repetition.
Adorno says no. (as Hektor Rottweiler)
Marx quotes Hegel – tragedy and farce.
Deleuze quotes Nietzsche- eternally.
Difference and repetition.
Migration and repetition – and that whole nasty NF crap about ‘repatriation’ that you hear in the words ‘second generation’ (usefully trashed in the new book “A Postcolonial People: South Asians in Britain” eds Ali, Kalra, Sayyid – see below)
Madonna and repetition, regurgitation, round and round.
Citation quotation plagiarism
Repetition in the age of digital resurrection
La Haine – So far so good.

Reviews Synopsis: “A Postcolonial People” is a lively, critical survey of contemporary South Asian Britain that fills a conspicuous gap in the literature. This specially commissioned book combines conceptually innovative analysis with empirically rich studies to map out the diversity of the British Asian way of life. The migration and settlement of South Asians in large numbers in Britain is examined in the context of the postcolonial condition, in which boundaries between the West and Rest, centre and periphery, home and abroad are increasingly blurred. The contributors provide both fresh insights and vital information on the Asian British experience in its socio-economic, historical and cultural dimensions. The topics covered include: identity, the transformation of urban space, policing, healthcare, electoral politics, music, British Asian theatre and cinema.”

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