I remember the Clandestino Festival in Gotenberg – and speaking there on music and politics with Lez Henry and Aki Nawaz in 2004. Dave Watts and Coltaire K too. After a mad weekend, sunday afternoon found us on the yet more mad wooden roller coaster with the singers from the Mighty Zulu Nation (pictured here with Dave of F^D^M in full flight at the concert the night of our talks – ie, the main event). The MZN (and SKW) pretended to be nervous about the ride, and Sam from State of Bengal and I were being macho and urging we go – tables (not tablas, but stomachs almost) were turned by the end of the noisy rickety ‘roler-coaster’ of a ride, but our comrades from the south wanted to go again. Not enough time for that as we needed to get back to Clandestino. (Wooden Roller coasters are spectacular – think flat pack ikea but 100s of metres high). The Festival is annual, its in June, its worth going to, and this year the Micropixie space cadet project is booked. In Gotenberg in summer there’s hardly more than two hours of dark at night, the city is fantastic, the festival is radical, political and rare glorious thing in the world of music festivalism, not at all governed by ‘industry’ standards. Open ears and minds. Calandestino!

Aki Nawaz will speak at Goldsmiths on friday 3rd March – at 11am in room 137a.

Imogen – there is much stuff to hear – glad you opened your eyes last evening, if only for a bit. Now try it a bit more. See you in Exeter next week.