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I am deleriously happy to note the successes of Alexander Bard’s BWO project, conceived on a bad hair day (there have been many) with a dubious pop-book as footnote reference. Happily the pop itself is more dance than prance. And AB just agreed to speak at Goldsmiths again in the Spring.

A bit lazy, but here is the first review I found (original spellingx retained) – there are many of these too see a, b, c,


BWO strikes UK..

BWO STRIKES UK – Several single hits turns out to be a chart rockets.
After successes with new singles like the song ‘Sunshine in the rain…’
and Tons Of Hardware it’s no wonder they turn up on the UK charts.

SoundFactory remixes for Bodies Without Organs first Uk single Sixteen
Tons Of Hardware climbs the Music Week Commercial Club Chart from
place number 17 up to 13 nest week. —- The track gets raving reviews
from the English DJ’s and sets a bright future for the release of the first
BWO track in England in a couple of weeks.

– The Swedish gay group ‘Bodies Without Organs’. serenely strike the
UK disco fans as hip. – The single collection that includeds new remixes
is a collectors must. We love the latest song title ‘Sunshine in the rain’.

– We give Singing in the rain and Tons of hardware an 8 Plus’ (out of 10
Points). – We followed the reactions on one gay club when this songs came
on for the first time and they love them. – BWU radio editions are played at
almust all radio stations and we just congratuletes BQO and SoundFactory
for the good work in the studio.

2005-11-07 – 5 pm
Source: djs, emil and alto”


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