Left Curve

Left Curve is a great journal and useful website, and gets rave reviews from elsewhere…

ie from http://www.geraldengland.co.uk/revs/mg012.htm

Left Curve: “Plainly the biggest and boldest experiment in LEFT CURVE is a lengthy segment called PUBLICity, which includes thirty-five pages of very short prose pieces on a wide variety of themes reflecting ‘aspects of global public life’. As with the lengthier articles, this section includes pieces which are informative and thought-provoking, juxtaposed with those which are self-conscious, dull and poorly written. Dipa Basu’s POLICING THE COLOUR LINE: CONTROL, CRIME, AND CULTURE AND THE HIP-HOP GENERATION is fascinating, while Alexander Bard and Jan Soderquist’s CREATIVITY AND POWER IN THE AGE OF INTERACTIVITY and Kien Nghi Ha’s HYBRIDITY AS CULTURAL COMMODIFICATION AND NATIONAL MODERNISATION are both insightful, challenging pieces. Given that PUBLICity includes contributors from every continent, and that its authors (who courageously publish their own email addresses alongside their work) explore diverse subjects, the results are often stunning. For all its risks and weaknesses, this is an experiment worth repeating. ”