Rio Tinto Crocodile Co…

From the look of Daniel I knew that he had been away too long.
– Hi Mate, how are…
His cutting off grunt and wave of shaky hand confirmed it. Daniel worked on a remote Crocodile sanctuary. An absurd undercover research predicament, where he had reptiled his way into the biggest and most hypocritical of RTZ’s good citizen corporate relations fiascos: a crocodile sanctuary to protect the darling little snappers, in exactly the region where twenty years earlier the company had bulldozed local, Aboriginal, landowner’s homes into the sea. Never Smile was going to be the title of the book he would write about it.
– tourists come and gawk at the crocs, asleep with their mouths open. It’s their cooling system.
– what the tourist?
– ha ha
– There’s no chance any of them would make the links and turn round and go home. Its not in the brochures and no-one reminds them that this is stolen bloodied land. They don’t even register that the whole sanctuary is an advert, a make-up disguise. I manage to tell a few as they leave, but who knows.
– RTZ love this stuff. They laugh at us in their suits.

There was along history here. We met long ago at a demo which became an occupation – one of the first to be co-ordinated by activists with mobile phones – of the CRA offices in Collins Street. 37 stories up in the sky, it was wild in the streets for a few hours. Later we worked closely together on militarism and he came to stay for a few days when I lived in Manchester.
[for more on some really vicious crocs, see any Riotinto mining report, but better to visit our friends at PaRTiZans who will warn you of their dangers.
For the picture, I thank the crazed people of Normanton, Queensland… “In Normanton’s main street there is a “statue” to a crocodile … caught in 1957 at 28 foot 4 inches it was then the largest in the world that had been caught”.]