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Art Resistance Community TV Program 1 50 mins
Robert Fisk: Public Meeting at Sydney University.

Robert Fisk has been the Middle East correspondent for The Independent newspaper in the UK since 1988. Dr Fisk spoke at Sydney University at the invitation of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. He spoke mainly about the current situation in Iraq. He tells the story of the growing hatred of the West by millions of Muslims, the colonisation process that previously occurred in the Middle East by European powers and the uncanny resemblance between the British 1920’s occupation of Iraq and the current US occupation. Fisk also talks of the West’s continuing support for Israel ’s occupation of Palestinian land and its refusal to implement UN Resolutions.

Actively Radical TV also conducted an interview with Robert Fisk prior to the lecture and this footage is intercut with his lecture.<!– D([“mb”,”The Fisk talk is also supplemented by Wattan TV\nmontage footage of life under occupation on the West Bank.\n
\n \n
\n \n
\nArt Resistance Community TV Program 2 – 34 mins \n
\nScotland: Socialism\nin the Making\n
\nA documentary produced in 2003 on the Scottish\nSocialist Party (SSP) and the politics of Scotland. Interviews with\nScottish\nMembers of Parliament, Tommy Sheridan, Frances Curren and Caroline\nLechie as\nwell as Allan McCoombs (Co-author of “Imagine”) and Matt Preston from\nthe\nScottish Socialist Voice.\n
\n \n
\nVoices of Protest – 30 mins\n
\nIN PROFILE: a report by Simon Tayler on the\nBP\ncorporation and its past activites and its current PR cloak of being a\n“green”\ncorporation. Also on Voices of Protest is a visit to the ARTV VAULT\nwith an\n1999 East Timor Solidarity rally and a 2003 Refugee Rights rally. The\nPALESTINE\nREPORT with Rebecca Semaan looks at\nsome of the myths regarding Palestinian Refugees.\n
\n \n
\nCommunity Focus – 30 mins\n
\nIn the studio for this edition of Community\nFocus is Craig Bulley – radio disc jockey for Workers Radio Sydney.\nWorkers\nRadio Sydney is a radio program broadcast on Radio Skid Row, and plays\nan\nintegral role in the fight against the changes to the Industrial\nRelations laws\nby keeping the community informed of union activities throughout the\nstate and\nraises the real issues facing working people today. \n
\n \n
\n \n \n

“,1] ); //–>The Fisk talk is also supplemented by Wattan TV montage footage of life under occupation on the West Bank.

Art Resistance Community TV Program 2 – 34 mins
Scotland: Socialism in the Making
A documentary produced in 2003 on the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) and the politics of Scotland. Interviews with Scottish Members of Parliament, Tommy Sheridan, Frances Curren and Caroline Lechie as well as Allan McCoombs (Co-author of “Imagine”) and Matt Preston from the Scottish Socialist Voice.

Voices of Protest – 30 mins
IN PROFILE: a report by Simon Tayler on the BP corporation and its past activites and its current PR cloak of being a “green” corporation. Also on Voices of Protest is a visit to the ARTV VAULT with an 1999 East Timor Solidarity rally and a 2003 Refugee Rights rally. The PALESTINE REPORT with Rebecca Semaan looks at some of the myths regarding Palestinian Refugees.

Community Focus – 30 mins
In the studio for this edition of Community Focus is Craig Bulley – radio disc jockey for Workers Radio Sydney. Workers Radio Sydney is a radio program broadcast on Radio Skid Row, and plays an integral role in the fight against the changes to the Industrial Relations laws by keeping the community informed of union activities throughout the state and raises the real issues facing working people today.

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12 month subscription – 16 DVD Editions
$256 (includes postage and packing)
6 month subscription – 8 DVD Editions
$136 (includes postage and packing)
3 month subscription – 4 DVD Editions
$76 (includes postage and packing)
Single DVD Edition Purchase
$25 (includes postage and packing)

(AND FOR NO EXTRA COST Edition 8 contains an extra DVD of the Little Ted series where we follow Little Ted on his adventures to Cuba, the land of Tizzia as well as his endeavour to make the Australian high jump team for the Sydney Olympic games)

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Research (in search of pirate treasures)

I am seeing out the end of 05 in a hammock… and as I already said to some friends, I am looking at effects of the terror war on the tourist economy in these parts (South East Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippinnes) – where less and less rich westerners now tend to go – so that their old privileged haunts in five star hotels now come with empty swimming pools (well, a lizard and a palm frond at the bottom); colonial verandas where the cane furniture is piled up under tarpaulins; golf courses where the jungle has grown back to 6 feet high on the greens… workers doing nothing for no pay, but with nowhere to go… minor casualties of the new global order, yet devastating all the same…

back early Jan…

oh, and reading “Caliban and the Witch” – so far its a great book…

happy new year and all that..

Birthday of Mao


I guess there was some sort of god-bothering festival yesterday, and as a consequence I got this really fine present (trink trink…). Actually, I am sure the giver already knew the 26th is the day of the Great Helmsman… See also Howard

Source of all things…coffee

I am sitting in the Madeira café listening in on a conversation between three building workers. One is telling the other two Eastern European looking blokes, in a voice destined to be overheard, a scattered but selectively plausible version of the history of Ethiopia. Proud of his African roots, the guy insists that Ethiopia is the source of all civilisation and everything ‘the Greeks, Romans, Muslims, Buddhist and Krishnas all came from Africa, were taught by Africans’. This not necessarily inaccurate extravagance is mitigated on the one hand by the argument that all European civilisation is really a history of theft and murder, all so-called great Europeans, explorers or adventurers, were murderers. He asks ‘which hero of Europe is a hero for doing something good, not evil, not really a killer or a thief, and – curious – he mentions Australia as an example, that from the beginning Australia was discovered and run by thieves and criminals. Can’t argue with that, given the current administration. On the other hand he ends with claims that it was the Jews that engineered world war two and profited from it, coming out of it in control of the banks and Hollywood. ‘Their leaders of course, not your average Jew’. This may be to neglect that along with the 6 million Jewish dead there were how many other millions of communist, homosexual, Ukrainian and Russian dead, but its no surprise that a haphazard history gets some things wrong and others right.

They stand up to leave, the guy who was speaking so loud then self-consciously looks around the café for recognition – he was giving a kind of speech, a strange mode of party political broadcast, fully aware of an uninvited eavesdropping audience. I am part of this, but there is no need or expectation of response. Madly, the next loudest person in the café, whose voice interrupts my newspaper a few minutes later, is a South African white bloke named James, telling two black friends that if he was George Bush he would attack Iran on Christmas Eve and call the operation the Christmas Offensive. He is not joking. And he does want to provoke a reaction. He is more studiously ignored.

I come here every Saturday morning. The coffee is Ok and the eggs well scrambled. The Polish waitress tired but flirtatious, the heating on high. Warm in winter, relaxed in summer, the Madeira is a weird slice of democracy and debate. Groups of inner urban communal youth assemble for late brunches, and motorcycle riders – not bikers, more middle class racing bike types – have made it their regular, and they spend too much time arranging meetings on their mobile phones. It’s a short work from my flat near the tube station. Today was the last time for this year. I think of the coffee scene in ‘One or Two Things I Know About Her’.


I walk into the newsagent to face a choice of 75 magazines telling me about a range of pretty much the same consumer choices – which computer, which video, which movie. All of them have the same perfect model on the front, male or female, blonde or brunette. I walk across to the supermarket to by the supermarket’s own brand pasta, and its own brand bath cleaner – only to find the refill nozzle on the size I usually buy has been redesigned, so I can’t just buy another refill. I would laugh out loud at the absurdity of this, but it’s not funny enough to make me to piss my name brand pants. How funny is it that I have another man’s name across the front of my Brad Pitts? Of course I ask this while thinking of Fightclub in which Pitt says exactly what I wish I had thought of first, but didn’t cos I was preoccupied with the laughter of Bataille. Stretch – [cats from Brighton, powered by Carrie].

anthropologee chickadoo

Met some more members of the silly covert student group calling themselves Hit Culture or something today. Got into conversation and I think they are serious. Totally mad, but serious. They want to extend political assassinations to academics. Claiming that people like Giddens in Sociology and Geertz in Anthropology are personally responsibl for various malignant mentalities across the planet. I guess at least they are international. Giggles Giddens they want to get because his introductory texts were so boring, and he went on to become the ideologue of Britain’s bland new Labour Party, lined up with that Tony – Thatcherite in a frock – Blair and the vote-winning sari girl, Cherrie. Geertz was, I can’t recall all they said, on the hit list for being a spy. Something abut 100,000 Indonesian communists killed while he was doing research into cockfighting in Bali, and none of it got into his book. I’ve read the essay in question, and remember that none of the political scene features, displaced only with elegant sentences about malaria, the disappearance of his wife, and predictable side-steps of phallic puns given his theme. Geertz winked a lot and I recall him speaking in Melbourne looking like an academic W.C.Field crossed with Colonel Sanders. ‘11 different herbs and spices in the new anthropologee chickadee’. Well, I guess its good that folks are taking an interest in culture. And its internationalist too. I have to approve of the sentiment, if not the messy methods. They idolise the Unabomber for getting the manifesto published. But the print was too small, and by the time it came out as an independent volume all the hype was overkill. I wouldn’t open any suspicious mail. I guess Giddens better not either now.

Rio Tinto Crocodile Co…

From the look of Daniel I knew that he had been away too long.
– Hi Mate, how are…
His cutting off grunt and wave of shaky hand confirmed it. Daniel worked on a remote Crocodile sanctuary. An absurd undercover research predicament, where he had reptiled his way into the biggest and most hypocritical of RTZ’s good citizen corporate relations fiascos: a crocodile sanctuary to protect the darling little snappers, in exactly the region where twenty years earlier the company had bulldozed local, Aboriginal, landowner’s homes into the sea. Never Smile was going to be the title of the book he would write about it.
– tourists come and gawk at the crocs, asleep with their mouths open. It’s their cooling system.
– what the tourist?
– ha ha
– There’s no chance any of them would make the links and turn round and go home. Its not in the brochures and no-one reminds them that this is stolen bloodied land. They don’t even register that the whole sanctuary is an advert, a make-up disguise. I manage to tell a few as they leave, but who knows.
– RTZ love this stuff. They laugh at us in their suits.

There was along history here. We met long ago at a demo which became an occupation – one of the first to be co-ordinated by activists with mobile phones – of the CRA offices in Collins Street. 37 stories up in the sky, it was wild in the streets for a few hours. Later we worked closely together on militarism and he came to stay for a few days when I lived in Manchester.
[for more on some really vicious crocs, see any Riotinto mining report, but better to visit our friends at PaRTiZans who will warn you of their dangers.
For the picture, I thank the crazed people of Normanton, Queensland… “In Normanton’s main street there is a “statue” to a crocodile … caught in 1957 at 28 foot 4 inches it was then the largest in the world that had been caught”.]

The Golden Hind

From our good friends at “Avast Ye Applications”:

Seán Mac Mathúna writes: “There are four statues on the front of Deptford’s old town hall in NewCross Road. Three of them are connected with slavery in the West Indies: Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Francis Drake and Oliver Cromwell. In 1652, Cromwell had been a regular visitor to Deptford to oversee the building of two ships The James and The Diamond – built solely it seems, for expeditions to the Caribbean aimed at displacing Spanish power in the region. Maurice Thomson, a resident of the Manor House at Lee … was said to have been a personal friend of Cromwell’s and involved in these expeditions. They were part of a network of businessmen interested in the vast wealth that could be derived from the sugar/slave trade.”

and from the endearingly entitled ‘Enchanted learning’ site…:

“Sir Francis Drake (1545-1596) was a British explorer, slave-trader,privateer (a pirate working for a government) in the service ofEngland, mayor of Plymouth, England, and naval officer (he was anAdmiral).”

update: and the link under the word statues in this post will lead you to Paul Hendrich’s article on Deptford Town Hall.

Elephant and Castle

Proudly displayed in the Elephant and Castle.
We have to more or less admit that there are not so many great things that serve here as trinket news stories, but alongside the fabulous bowling alley, the Argentinian steakhouse, cheap chinese, good pizza and every bus service you could possibly imagine rollicking around those bizarro traffic islands, E&C has it all on show. Just what our bookie bets on is unclear – peanut futures perhaps? But nevertheless, to tear it all down and start again is not the odds on favourite.
Clearly sunday is a slow news day.

Antifa Portal Network

Antifa Portal Network

… new website for the refined militant anti-fascist. It has the best
streaming anti-fascist oi, punk, ska, and hardcore music you can find,
as well as forums, music reviews, articles, and newsfeeds…more to
come soon, including merch and photo galleries…start repping this

Almost 100 artists..Street Troopers, Oppressed, Blood For Blood,
Fate2Hate, Blaggers ITA, Those Unknown, Los Fastidios, Symarip, The
Redskins, Banda Bassotti, Brigada Flores Magon, Reazione, etc, etc,

(formerly known as


Derrida’s Lumps

These opening moves for a talk on Derrida for the Met, which I want to twist to a discussion of Marx’s Eighteenth Brumaire, Mao and Eldgridge Cleaver on the Lumpen – the rogues, the riff raff (voyous, translated as rogues or louts – just what minister Sarkozy called the Parisian suburban youth)…

Derrida’s Lumps: they cannot be represented.

I want to start my discussion of Derrida in France with a film that interrupts, in order to multiply the performative options available to a reading of Derrida that should serve – if I have my brief correctly – as an illustration of method and an application. Well, even if I have not understood correctly what was required, I feel I can twist this project to my own ends in this way anyway. I want to meditate on the way – on the path, the road, the – you will have guessed what it is by now – the boulevard.

So far so good, so far so good.

Ash Sharma and Sanjay Sharma wrote perceptively in the Kassowitz film La Haine (TCS 2000 vol 17 no 3), whose opening quote I just mention here. Writing about music and race, the Sharma’s were not thinking of Derrida in that essay, and its not clear that Derrida will be able to explain much at all really (he is dead of course, but there are strangely prescient comments in Rogues), but just because I was asked specifically to talk about Derrida, I wanted to bend the topic to something relevant and think about La Haine, street protest, burning cars and the youth of Paris – the better material will be about the organisation of these youths, that they are not necessarily all Muslim, certainly not all organised by Islamist groups (but could be if no-one else does)…and some comments on the way of Mao (yes, I apologise already if I drive too fast).

The first scene of La Haine is one where a molotov cocktail (we shall not be detained by thinking of Molotov – from the Russian molot, “hammer” – and the importance of his name for that preferred weapon for the confrontation of the street, first of all by the Finns, borrowing the technique from Spain, but adding the name from the Commissar. Later, the symbol of Paris 68). Fast forward to 2005: some say the ‘riots’ were not noticed for the first few days by Parisians because they have become so used to thinking that burning cars are a normal part of suburban life, they just went about their business, sipping their cocktails with elegant poise. Sipping café-au-latte in the cafes along the boulevards of course is an easy image to lampoon in this context. And the mention of Boulevards should alert us to something of a wider importance.

Before going down that road, let me interrupt, however, to read the text provided to pave the way for this talk. It is from Rogues, Derrida Chapter 5….