Nepal: Palin, docos, TV, WTW, Campbell and Karki

Just some stuff I want to remember for a lecture on television and Nepal:

1. There is (is there?) an antidote to Michael Palin and his [I know everyone won’ty agree] anodyne stumble-bumbling travel t(r)ips:

‘Film South Asia is a competitive biennial festival of documentary films on South Asian subjects that provides a quality platform to exhibit new works and to promote a sense of community among independent filmmakers. It is organized by Himal Association, a not-for-profit institution dedicated to spreading knowledge and information in Nepal and South Asia.’

2. Documentaries about Nepal most often focus upon trekking and the Sherpas, or the trafficking of Nepalese girls to the sex trade in Mumbai, with obligatory section on the girl-god of Kathmandu. Other news is possible also:

Nepal Maoists bomb TV station
February 26, 200510:35 IST

Heavily-armed Maoists torched and bombed a regional station of the state-run Nepal Television, causing damage worth over Rs4 crore and disrupting the broadcast indefinitely even as the security forces gunned down 10 rebels and lost four of their own men in a clash in the west of the kingdom.
The regional station of Nepal Television at Kohalpur in Banke district of mid-western Nepal was torched and bombed by hundreds of Maoists on Friday, NTV sources said.
The regional broadcast of the NTV has been disrupted indefinitely after the explosion which caused damage worth over Rs4 crore.
The Maoists also looted seven cameras and several other equipment from the station. However, no one was injured in the incident, the sources said.

3. A World to Win has consistently supported the Maoist revolutionary forces:

4. Refs to include in write up:

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