Sketchy Thoughts: Quote of the Day

I’ve been reading more on the Sketchy Thoughts page which is providing a very useful service via translations (and no, it doesn’t only seem like ‘riot central’, the film reviews are ok too :).

It also contains this appropriate, old, but relevant, quote. Much better than the old Tory ‘rivers of blood’ speech, this is one that I’d direct at those who are writing ‘anti-terror’ laws today (such as those just going though the UK parliament this month, for example) – they must be taught that people have a right to stand up and resist tyranny:

“It needed more than one native to say ‘We’ve had enough’; more than one peasant rising crushed, more than one demonstration put down before we could today hold our own, certain in our victory. As for we who have decided to break the back of colonialism, our historic mission is to sanction all revolts, all desperate actions, all those abortive attempts drowned in rivers of blood”.

– Frantz Fanon, Wretched of the Earth (electronic version of the concluding chapter of this text here, Amazon here)