By Gum – another mad saatchism.

By Gum – another Saatchism from the Tory propagandists – everyone should sign up to this just to see how mad it might be. Global intelligence?? Who makes this stuff up? Its gotta be a prank…

GUM; Saatchi & Saatchi’s latest brainchild, is preparing to launch CULT-GEISTT – its global intelligence network. At GUM we match brands & talent to create entertainment-based properties targeted towards reaching urban youth.

CULT-GEISTT is GUM’s Global Intelligence Network; a critical building block that allows us to credibly understand global/youth culture.

We’re now looking to recruit ‘CULT-GEISTERS’ into our network – those who know what’s going on and who are passionate about culture and their local scene. CULT-GEISTERS build cultural maps to add significance and credence to GUM’s strategic solutions and entertainment-based brand embedded properties.

You essentially become one of our CULT-GEISTT ethnographers and we look to you to be responsible for gathering audio/visual documentation about any given topic.

We are now at the beginning phases of CULT-GEISTT and have grand plans for it to become its own cultural entity and eventually its own business.

If you are interested in getting involved with CULT-GEIST or wish to receive further information about what we do here at GUM, please

Jackie Ratcliffe:


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  1. Subject: Knowledge Transfer Partnership Meeting

    Dear Colleagues,

    Hopefully you will have received the invitation below previously, I would
    be most grateful if you would let me know whether yourself or a colleague
    from your department will be attending.

    Kind Regards,

    Sam Arshad

    What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, and how to get them? 14th
    November, 11am – 1pm, room EB220 in the Education Building.

    Are KTP’s impossible to get for the Arts and Humanities? Not at all – come
    and hear about departments like yours that have been successful in
    achieving a KTP and all the benefits that go with it.

    Knowledge Transfer Partnerships enable Higher Education Institutions to
    apply their wealth of knowledge and expertise to important business
    problems. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are Government funded and enable
    UK businesses to benefit from the wide range of expertise available in the
    UK’s ‘Knowledge Base’ including higher education institutions.

    At the heart of each Knowledge Transfer Partnership is a relationship
    between a company and staff in a Knowledge Base applying their expertise to
    a project that is central to the development of their Company Partner. In
    the process, staff in the Higher Education Institution are able to enhance
    the business relevance of their teaching and research.

    Each Knowledge Transfer Partnership is managed by a team involving senior
    staff from both the Knowledge Base and the Company Partners and a recently
    qualified graduate recruited as the KTP Associate when the Knowledge
    Transfer Partnership proposal has been approved. Goldsmiths has been
    highlighted as an institution that could benefit greatly from the KTP
    scheme. The Office for Business and Community development has arranged for
    a KTP representative to visit Goldsmiths on the 14th November to outline
    the scheme to interested academics.

    The event will be held in room EB220 (Education Building) from 11.00 – 1.00.

    Short presentations from an expert panel followed by Q&A.

    The panel will include Doug Irish (regional KTP Manager) and Mark Bishop
    (Goldsmiths Dept of Computing)

    There will be follow -up surgeries at 2pm on Wed 30 Nov. with the
    representative to discuss the detail of partnerships you may wish to

    For details and to confirm a place please contact Ian Gibbs in the OBCD
    office on ext: 7701

    Ian S Gibbs BSc
    Business Development Manager
    Office For Business And Community Development
    Goldsmiths College University of London

    Direct Line: 020 7919 7701


  2. And now there is also this:


    I’m just dropping you a quick email as I’m not sure who would be the best person to talk to, so if you could redirect this as you see fit – that would be great.

    I work in MTV’s international research department and manage qualitative projects to keep us informed about youth culture around the world.

    I’m currently in the process of setting up a new project called MTV Antenna. We have briefed young people in the London area to go out and document youth sub-cultures and tribal behaviour through photography, mobile blogs, sketch books, or interpretive documentary film. We are currently working with London College of Fashion and The Princes Trust but I’d love to get more enthusiastic people on board.

    As part of the exchange off information and insight I am working with other departments within MTV to organize a final competition and exhibition. I hope to be able to offer students and young people a platform to get their work noticed. We’re in talks with other sponsors who may be able to offer high quality prints of participants work and/or hardware prizes.

    If you think this is something your students might be interested in getting involved in, please let me know. Perhaps we could have a chat to discuss this further.

    I hope to hear from you.

    Best wishes,


    Charlotte Moore – International Research and Planning – MTV Networks International

    UK House, 180 Oxford Street – London, W1D 1DS


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