Tampopo (1985) Directed by Juzo Itami
Screening – 6pm, Cinema, Goldsmiths, Tuesday 25th October.
All welcome. No charge.
(+ visit to noodle shop in Elephant and Castle after the film).

I don’t know how to describe the film. Many rave about it:
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-My All-Time Favorite Movie!, 25 July 2002
Author: underpussy from San Francisco, CA:
“I just keep watching this movie over and over again. Why? It’s hard to say exactly. Sure, the acting is great and the story is terrific, but what makes “Tampopo” so special is harder to define. I like to think of it as optimism; the belief that people in this world still do nice things for other people. Or maybe that romance can strike when you least expect it. Sure, this is a movie about food, you’ve heard all about that, but more importantly it’s a movie about people. People working together, eating together, striving together, and accomplishing together.
The script is flawless. Every scene blends into the next, and takes you someplace new. The narrative sidetracks away from the main story from time to time, leading to the most conceptual and entertining scenes. Tampopo is an adventure on a very small and personal scale. It’s a charming movie, unlike any other I’ve seen, well worth a look”. Was the above comment useful to you? …umm, don’t bother to answer this, I just ripped it off from a DVD sales site – just come to the film… .