‘War of the Worlds’

On watching sci-mentat Tom Cruise bomb in ‘War of the Worlds’. Its impossible not to read the film as one big panic about terrorists attacking America. The hero (Cruise) just wants to protect his kids and the pregnant mum in her perfect home (even if its not quite perfect). He is prepared to reluctantly sacrifice his teenage rebel son to the war effort, and kill a red neck type (the only citizen willing to fight back). The heroic soldiers still organise disciplined effort amidst chaos (only the army can save us). Sure, the special effects include great visceral sonic shocks, but its so much like a close up view of 100 crashes of the World Trade Towers that I can only celebrate the fact that people will reject the film for the tired scaremongering pap that it is. Grrr. [bring back Orsen]
[pic is of Michael Ashkin’s work, as seen in NY in May]