The Akha heritage Foundation

“Today, I’d like to present excerpts from a
thought-provoking book by John Hutnyk, entitled ‘The
Rumour of Calcutta: tourism, charity and the poverty
of representation’. The book was already published in
1996, and some of you may remember that I mailed out a
summary at the time when tourism NGOs began to discuss
as to how to apply the ‘fair trade’ concept in
tourism. I’m now sharing this piece with you again
because I believe it is an excellent and highly
opportune contribution to the current debate on
tourism and poverty alleviation.

Yours truly,
Anita Pleumarom
Tourism Investigation & Monitoring Team (tim-team)”


One thought on “The Akha heritage Foundation

  1. Ooh, John has got a blog now. Will contribute something intelligent later once I finish mulling over this copy I have to write…Gah

    Btw, dissertation is about to finish. Will E-Mail you some chapters for your leisure reading once they are finalised (unless you say NO). Two jobs whizzed by and I am just finishing my long-suffering dissertation.

    Btw, give me your mailing address. Wish to send you a journal.



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