Paganopoulos on Keith Hart

When Weber Met Durkheim: The Visions of Keith Hart for a ‘New World Society’ as Prophecy of a New Order’

By Michelangelo Paganopoulos

“…Hart’s above reading of ‘anthropology’ as a moral, and therefore, religious force has been severely criticized in the past as ‘imperialist’, allegedly following the political neo-liberal agenda of the only dominant power, the US. Hutnyk has repeatedly underlined the problem of representation in anthropology (1996, 2004) in a humorous and bitter way. Anthropology is based on travelling, and Hutnyk has highlighted the violence caused on a local level from colonialism to tourism:

“Asking if the violence of slavery was TRAVEL does at least raise questions about the violences underlying all travel, including that which enables ethnographic projects, such as the colonial power that makes the world safe for ethnographers and tourists” (Hutnyk, 2004: 23).

For Hart, the above bitter but honest readings of anthropology as a discipline point to the “crisis of the intellectuals” (Hart, 2004:14-7)…”

Why I love Spivak

Yet another reason anyway… Not only is “Critique of Postcolonial Reason” a great book (for teaching, for method, for insight), but Gayatri is generous and committed, and she liked my rumour book:

A case in point would be John Hutnyk’s brilliant book “The Rumour of Calcutta”…’

in Spivak, Gayatri Chakravorty “Harlem” Social Text – 81 (Volume 22, Number 4), Winter 2004, pp. 113-139 Duke University Press
you need Athens access to get the whole thing..

By Gum – another mad saatchism.

By Gum – another Saatchism from the Tory propagandists – everyone should sign up to this just to see how mad it might be. Global intelligence?? Who makes this stuff up? Its gotta be a prank…

GUM; Saatchi & Saatchi’s latest brainchild, is preparing to launch CULT-GEISTT – its global intelligence network. At GUM we match brands & talent to create entertainment-based properties targeted towards reaching urban youth.

CULT-GEISTT is GUM’s Global Intelligence Network; a critical building block that allows us to credibly understand global/youth culture.

We’re now looking to recruit ‘CULT-GEISTERS’ into our network – those who know what’s going on and who are passionate about culture and their local scene. CULT-GEISTERS build cultural maps to add significance and credence to GUM’s strategic solutions and entertainment-based brand embedded properties.

You essentially become one of our CULT-GEISTT ethnographers and we look to you to be responsible for gathering audio/visual documentation about any given topic.

We are now at the beginning phases of CULT-GEISTT and have grand plans for it to become its own cultural entity and eventually its own business.

If you are interested in getting involved with CULT-GEIST or wish to receive further information about what we do here at GUM, please

Jackie Ratcliffe:



London Saturday 29th October 2005.
Assemble 1pm at Trafalgar Square for a march and demonstration to Downing Street

The United Families & Friends Campaign – the national coalition of death in custody family campaigns – today announced its seventh annual remembrance procession. The event will see hundreds of family members of those that have died in state custody gather to remember their loved one. This years march will also demand an end to the current ‘shoot to kill ‘ policy. A letter to this effect will be handed in to the Prime Minister.In a statement the campaign has said: “Jean Charles de Menezes was killed by armed police inside Stockwell Tube station on 22 July. His execution brought world-wide attention to a shoot to kill policy that the Prime Minster and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner say is here to stay. We say ‘NO SHOOT TO KILL’ and demand an end to this brutal policy.

Jean Charles was not the first victim of police shootings – Derek Bennett, Azelle Rodney, Harry Stanley and James Ashley are just some of the other people that have been shot dead on the streets of Britain. Their families continue to fight for justice. If you want to support these families. If you want to see those responsible for these killings prosecuted. If you want to defend human rights in the UK then support this procession.”Brenda Weinberg, Chair of UFFC says: “We are gathering for those we have lost at the hands of those designated to protect and serve. The continual denial of justice is another form of human rights abuse practised by this government.”

1. The United Families and Friends Campaign is a coalition of families and friends of those that have died in the custody of police and prison officers as well as those who are killed in secure psychiatric hospitals. It includes the families of Roger Sylvester, Leon Patterson, Rocky Bennett, Alton Manning, Christopher Alder, Brian Douglas, Joy Gardner, Aseta Simms, Paul Jemmott, Harry Stanley Mikey Powell, Paul Coker and Glenn Howard, to name but a few. Together we are building a network for collective action to end deaths in custody.

2. Aims of UFFC are:
no Deaths in police custody must be investigated by a body that is genuinely independent of the police.
no Prison deaths must be subject to a system of properly funded investigation that is completely independent of the Prison Service.
no Officers involved in custody deaths be suspended until investigations are completed.
no Prosecutions should automatically follow \’unlawful killing\’ verdicts at inquests.
no Police forces are made accountable to the communities that they serve.
no Legal Aid and full disclosure of information be made to the relatives of the victims.
no Officers responsible for deaths should face criminal charges, even if retired.

Press Contact details:n07770 432 439 n07956 629 889 n0845 330 7927


Tampopo (1985) Directed by Juzo Itami
Screening – 6pm, Cinema, Goldsmiths, Tuesday 25th October.
All welcome. No charge.
(+ visit to noodle shop in Elephant and Castle after the film).

I don’t know how to describe the film. Many rave about it:
9 out of 10 people found the following comment useful:
-My All-Time Favorite Movie!, 25 July 2002
Author: underpussy from San Francisco, CA:
“I just keep watching this movie over and over again. Why? It’s hard to say exactly. Sure, the acting is great and the story is terrific, but what makes “Tampopo” so special is harder to define. I like to think of it as optimism; the belief that people in this world still do nice things for other people. Or maybe that romance can strike when you least expect it. Sure, this is a movie about food, you’ve heard all about that, but more importantly it’s a movie about people. People working together, eating together, striving together, and accomplishing together.
The script is flawless. Every scene blends into the next, and takes you someplace new. The narrative sidetracks away from the main story from time to time, leading to the most conceptual and entertining scenes. Tampopo is an adventure on a very small and personal scale. It’s a charming movie, unlike any other I’ve seen, well worth a look”. Was the above comment useful to you? …umm, don’t bother to answer this, I just ripped it off from a DVD sales site – just come to the film… .

‘War of the Worlds’

On watching sci-mentat Tom Cruise bomb in ‘War of the Worlds’. Its impossible not to read the film as one big panic about terrorists attacking America. The hero (Cruise) just wants to protect his kids and the pregnant mum in her perfect home (even if its not quite perfect). He is prepared to reluctantly sacrifice his teenage rebel son to the war effort, and kill a red neck type (the only citizen willing to fight back). The heroic soldiers still organise disciplined effort amidst chaos (only the army can save us). Sure, the special effects include great visceral sonic shocks, but its so much like a close up view of 100 crashes of the World Trade Towers that I can only celebrate the fact that people will reject the film for the tired scaremongering pap that it is. Grrr. [bring back Orsen]
[pic is of Michael Ashkin’s work, as seen in NY in May]