History without Warranty

Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies MA and phD students run a Seminar Programme and have invited Saurabh Dube to speak. He’s responsible for keeping me up talking late last night, and I guess this will happen a few more times over the next week as he is an old comrade I’ve known for many years (since we met in Germany in 1997). Check out his book Stitches On Time. Talk details below. (Hi Ishita)

From Maude…

The first session of SEPRO will be held in MB350 at 3 PM on
Monday September 26th.

“History without Warranty: Questions of Modernity, Colony, and the Post-colony” by Saurabh Dube

This talk will explore issues of power and difference in relation to the colonial and the postcolonial, nation and modernity, each understood as concept and entity.

Saurabh Dube is Professor of History at the Center for Asian and African Studies at El Colegio de Mexico in Mexico City. His authored books include Stitches on Time: Colonial Textures and Postcolonial Tangles (2004), Untouchable Pasts (1998), as well as a trilogy in historical anthropology in the Spanish language. Among his edited volumes are Postcolonial Passages (2004) and Enduring Enchantments (2002).

Hope to see you there!