Public space in the media city

My good friend from Melbourne, Scott McQuire, is here at Goldsmiths today to give a talk today (Monday 19 Sept, at 3pm in the Cinema/small hall). He’s the author of Visions of Modernity with Sage and The Look of Love (with photographs by Peter Lyssiotis), with Masterthief. Come and join us if you can. The details are here below. The Centre for Cultural Studies in the sponsor.

Details of lecture: by Scott McQuire (University of Melbourne)

Title of Talk: Public space in the media city

Starts: 15:00 – 19 September 2005 | Ends: 17:00 – 19 September 2005

Location: small hall. 3pm- 5pm. Goldsmiths Main Building. Monday 19th September

Cost: nil.

Paul Virilio argues that public space has given way to public image,
shifting the location of the public domain from the street to the
domestic display terminal. But what happens when the TV screen leaves
home and moves back into the city? The public domain of the 21st
century is no longer simply streets and plazas. But nor is it defined
solely by electronic space. Rather it emerges in the complex
interaction of material and immaterial spaces. In the hybrid spaces of
contemporary media cities, what forms of access and interaction might
support ‘democratic’ public space?


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