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Goldsmiths Occupiers say: ‘We are an open heterogeneous group including Goldsmiths staff, students and many others who believe the university is a public resource that should be open to all. We stand with all those affected by the privatisation agenda and against those who profit from its misery. Goldsmiths is now occupied in solidarity with the UK-wide strike on November 30th and the global occupy movement. We are here because we reject the privatisation of the university, symptomatic of the neo-liberal agenda that permeates all aspects of life. For this reason we have strategically occupied the building housing Goldsmiths’ finance offices, responsible for executing the cuts and the privatisation agenda.. All groups on and off-campus are encouraged to use this space to host meetings, events, and planning sessions for actions on November 30th. Where the current government agenda not only encourages, but enforces the transfer of public resources to private hands we join people worldwide in taking them back!’

More #Goldsmirk HERE and below:


welcome to the administration – learn to like it circa 1989

Learn to Like It – ALP Bureaucracy-Pig Nation

Learn to Like IT Bob Hawke

Learn To Like It, by Chris, circa 1991

Pig Nation

One of the first of the Learn To Like It series, circa 1989 I think.

Learn To Like It, circa 1995

UTS students association diary 1994

the inside back cover

Learn to Like it – archival 1990 – [click to enlarge]




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