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Don Quixote unfinishing again?


Terry Gilliam still has windmills in his mind, and though the impossible might happen, the unfinishing of this movie with sorrowful countenance is all too common – Orson Welles unfinished one, Gilliam has tried about four times, with Paul Rochefort, Johnny Depp, Euan McGregor, Michael Palin and Gerard Depardieu all unfinishing roles in various versions. There is a great filmed sequence of Depp debating with a fish in ‘Lost in La Mancha’ (2002). I hope this eventually gets on its horse – Rocinante – but not just as a rush job.

This article suggests it is back on, and if there was a way to check bookings on the Canary Islands in October, I would. My unfinished Quixote awaits a second versioning, after the first one got a Melbourne Uni theatre writers grant way back in 1989. I do not see this as pressing I suppose, but the article below previews some new art (main image) done for Gilliam by Dave Warren, which is seemingly suitable for parabalizing interpretation with contemporary political reach. Not that Gilliam will necessarily see it that way, but if he is prepared to consider Palin as the knight, I think radical detournement of his bumbling white supremacist/national treasure role is required.

While those who fervently hope Terry Gilliam finally, actually manages to get his dream/nightmare project The Man Who Killed Don Quixote made have had their hearts broken before, the driven director announced last October that he was dreaming the impossible dream once again. To keep us all excited, Gilliam has now released the first piece of concept art for the latest gambit.

Crafted by Dave Warren – who worked with Gilliam on ‘The Zero Theorem’ and ‘The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus’ – it’s certainly a compelling image, and comes complete with a Facebook message from the director: “Dreams of Don Quixote have begun again. Dave Warren has started doodling. Will we get the old bastard back on his horse this year? Human sacrifices welcomed. Stay tuned.” Hopefully it won’t quite need that much in the way of good fortune.

“We’ll see if it happens,” Gilliam said back in October. “This is kind of my default position, going back to that. I actually just want to make it and get rid of it. Get it out of my life! I don’t know if it will be good or bad. The dangerous thing is that a lot of people are waiting for it, so I can disappoint a lot of people maybe.” ….

Foul Lang**ge on the River


A ground level display in a vitrine (? Is it a vitrine when the glass is vertical) in the Guildhall Museum Rochester. See SF’s forthcoming post on prison hulks as part of her ongoing series on theme park prisons (our idea of dating is to visit jails – do not over analyse this. Emile and Theo tag along happily – especially if there is chain mail or Ned Kelly armour to try on). Rochester itself was pretty museum like – as if the touristy high street were put in resin in the 1950s going on 1870s, legacy of what the future thought Mr Dickens would like. Twee. What I am more interested in is the evidence here of rowdies on the river. Seems there’s a few still around today. Fuckers.

Education leaflet (old but still most educational).


The future is going to come true, 1993 Newtown

Screen shot 2014-07-22 at 13.46.00

ADF first album press release.


Pantomime Terror: Music and Politics

A welcome boost to sales numbers last month – some booksellers are doing it right. get them here


Trigger = soon, by plan c (unofficial)

Zoogenesis: Thinking Encounter with Animals Press Release

john hutnyk:

Richard Iveson’s book is out. Buy via the Pavement site:

Originally posted on zoogenesis:

My new book, Zoogenesis: Thinking Encounter with Animals, to be published officially on 15 July 2014

Press release:

Please email for contact details, review copies, photographs, and author biography

Disrupting the Economy of Genocide
Encountering Other Animals Amid the Necropolitical Exploitation of Life

Published by Pavement Books, Zoogenesis: Thinking Encounter with Animals by Richard Iveson offers radical new possibilities for encountering and thinking with other animals, and for the politics of animal liberation. Arguing that the machinations of power that legitimize the killing of nonhuman animals are thoroughly entangled with the ‘noncriminal’ putting to death of human animals, Zoogenesis shows how such legitimation consists in a theatrics of displacement that transforms singular, nonsubstitutable living beings into mute, subjugated bodies that may be slaughtered but never murdered. In an attempt to disrupt what is, quite simply, the instrumentalizing and exploitative economy of genocide, Iveson…

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Songs for the Marx Trot 13 July 2014

As Theo would say: “tune”




Marx Trot 2014

john hutnyk:

5 days to go…

Originally posted on trinketization:

Marx Trot on sunday 13 July, starts at 2.30 archway tube…


A day of revolutionary dawdling, pints, and ending up awash somewhere on Tottenham Court Rd… The annual Marx trot this year will be on Sunday 13 July. All welcome. Lal Salaam!

We will again be leaving from Archway tube 2:30 pm, then to Highgate Cemetery Marx’s Grave about 3pm – heading across the Heath to the Lord Southampton pub which was the old man’s local on Grafton Terrace – then onwards to Engels’ house, then to the pub where the Manifesto was adopted by the Communist League, – now a crappy cocktail bar – and more… All welcome (kids could surely come for the first couple of hours – but warning, its a longish walk across the heath between Highgate and the Grafton Terrace House BYO libations for the first part).

[word to the wise: bring some tinnies in a bag -…

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The Age of Anxiety

Just bought this book hoping it adds to the discussion of Anxiety promoted by plan c and Inst for precarious consciousness on here recently:

The Age of Anxiety: Conspiracy Theory and the Human Sciences (Sociological Review Monographs)
by Jane Parish (Editor), Martin Parker (Editor)

But also because of the coda (below). For the record, some fanzines got interpolated way back, and indeed, I was never keen on the Xerox Files, but that image of Adorno as twiglet-munching couch alien really works for me. Redeemed-schemed.


1981 back to school

The cover and inside cover of my school folder from FTG High. Circa Sept 1981.



Fast Forward 2014: Demanding the Future? Sept. 12th-14th

FF14-landscape_01 (1)

FFW2014 is a weekend of discussions, plenaries, workshops, walking, climbing and socialising. We hope FFW2014 will contribute to building new relationships, new ideas, new energies and new strategies that help equip us to enact the future.

The central theme of the event is “Demanding the Future?”: We’ll be inquiring into what it means, and what it could mean, to make demands. Who makes them, and who are they aimed at? Can demands help us build our counter-power? What do they achieve? Can demands – possible and impossible – move us beyond a simplistic revolution/reform debate? The format for these discussions will be small group based facilitated discussions which will allow for lots of participation and engagement.

Alongside these core discussions on demands there will be focus sessions on particular topics and issues. There will be space alongside these focus group sessions to organise your own workshops, relax with friends new and old or simply to enjoy the brilliant location on our walking or climbing trips. In the evenings we are planning larger plenary events. We will be running a bar at the hostel and are hoping to arrange evening entertainment.

The full event programme will be released later in the Summer.

When?  FFW2014 will take place between 12 pm (noon) on Friday 12th until 5pm on Sunday 14th September.

Where FFW2014 will be taking over the whole of the YHA Edale in the heart of the Peak District:

Subversive Text – in Croatian

Screen shot 2014-07-03 at 10.16.07Revolucionarni projekt nam je imanentan.

Mi, profesori ljevičari, tužna skupina, volimo se diviti Kapitalu. Poneseni obrtanjem uloga (Derridaova seansa), s grešnim zadovoljstvom uzimamo predmete kao fetiše (ne pomišljamo na Marxa), u razornoj fusnoti suptilno ismijavamo sektaše i drugove neistomišljenike. Očigledan je bar entuzijazam za čitanje, premda u tim tekstovima ono očito nije najvažnije i bitno. Na završnim stranicama analizirat ću gore napisanu kritiku i, kao što sam obećao u uvodu, opisati loš marksizam koji se poziva na drugačijeg Marxa. U zaključku se može dati samo eklektičan sažetak u kojem je nemoguće detaljno opisati što je ranije bilo, ali inzistirat ću na dvostrukom obilježju lošega marksizma. S jedne strane pronašao sam (a) kvijetističko suučesništvo navodno lijevih teoretičara i aktivista ljevice premda se oba “tabora” čine aktivnija i posvećenija nego prije te (b) trivijalizaciju koja hara u teorijama kulturalnih studija, a marksizam ograničava na ošamućenu kontemplaciju. A s druge strane (c) važnost otvorenoga “lošeg” marksizma koji je od tih ošamućenih kritika napravio nešto angažirano i otvoreno. Dakle imamo (d) rekapitulaciju nekih bitnih teza koje su se pojavile u tekstu ove knjige, zaključke i kako se sve to međusobno uklapa, a kako bismo (e) skicirali analizu gdje smo danas glede kapitala i antikapitalizma kao projekta. I neka zapažanja o (f) pitanju partije kojim je uloga teorije u kulturalnim studijima i antropologiji iznova testirana u kontekstu (g) naše potrebe da izučavamo (strukturu klase, imperijalizam itd.), podučavamo i (h) (ajme meni) promijenimo svijet.


Objavljivanje knjiga i ocjena istraživanja– [Research Assessment Exercise] na britanskim su sveučilištima zamijenili istraživanje i politiku; ugledni diletanti sada zastupaju – i zbog toga ih se osuđuje – opća stajališta; na zatvorenim konferencijama s izgrađenim sustavom zvijezda lešinari kulture neprestano trabunjaju, pa ih se mora optužiti da nisu u stanju biti prava desničarska reakcija; kooptiranje i suučesništvo – pametna i isprazna erudicija. Kod post-, neo- i eksmarksista: abdikacija feminizma; komercijalizacija životnih stilova seksualne politike; izdvojena manjina “iznimki” od pravila, bez baze u masi – gdje je napor institucije za ohrabrivanjem širokih slojeva stanovništva odanih i aktivno uključenih u teoriju i praksu libertanske borbe?

Konformistički prostori

Dakle ima mjesta za oštru kritiku akademskoga načina života teorijskih glava kulturalnih studija. Luksuzne konferencije i restorani čak i skromnih profesora moraju se opisati kao jet-set. Naravno, nema puno kavijara i Moeta, nema koktela i sunčanja uz bazen, ali to je sigurno razina udobnosti koju sebi ne mogu priuštiti robovi koji rade za plaću u uredima i tvornicama. Koja je svrha teoretiziranja radi bodova za popust na avionske karte? Reći ću otvoreno. Mora postojati još nešto osim podučavanja ili nekakva prakticiranja režima za štimanje umova – ako je to sve, onda je svrha negdje drugdje. Ne možemo isključiti egoistični interes – želju da se bude poznat zbog svoga mišljenja, pisanja, podučavanja; prestiž i slava (premda je to danas ograničeno). Zbog odanosti instituciji i njezinoj korporacijskoj politici – plitka, ali, moramo reći, realna privrženost – profesori neće u bližoj budućnosti shvatiti da je revolucionarni projekt imanentan.

Ljevica kao odgovor?

Zbog toga je ona verzija Marxa koja je najpopularnija u sveučilišnoj areni vrlo pročišćena. Kontekstualno stanje nedvojbeno čine mnogo veći faktori, naprimjer suučesništvo u moći i politici koje se širi izvan maloga svijeta kulturalnih studija. Je li organizirana stranačka ljevica bolja? U ovoj knjizi nema izravne analize partijskih škola, ali je zapažena vrlo poznata produktivna napetost kad pravovjerni čuvari tradicije posežu za udžbenicima i brzim analizama jer ne vole teoriju i raspravu. Kritika svega postojećega zahtijevala bi novu vrstu partije i Marxa koji nije puki prorok. Mogućnosti postoje u neobuzdanoj inteligenciji koja se protiv globalnoga poretka bori alatkama starog bradonje – “u školu, drugovi” – ali ljevičarske sekte danas ne zanima istraživački i angažirani projekt. U svom aktivizmu oni su najčešće zainteresirani nominalno unovačiti horde ljudi i ispuniti pristupnice na zadnjoj ljetnoj radionici. Zbog sumnjivih promjena u savezima i nepredvidljivih varijacija u fokusima svi napeto iščekuju, ali samo pozorni čitatelji aktivističkih glasila imaju kakvu-takvu ideju o čemu se raspravlja. A ništa od toga, na sreću ili nesreću, nije prodrlo na akademsku scenu. Rekao bih da organizirana ljevičarska misao nije bila uspješnija od liberalnoga akademskog tumačenja Marxa o kojem sam pisao u ovoj knjizi. Ukratko, ako razmotrimo implikacije posljednje velike nade “kulturne politike” i analiziramo njezine avanture u biračkome tijelu stranačke političke ljevice i institucionaliziranoj akademskoj “ljevici”, uočit ćemo nekoliko oblika suučesništva.

Sve po starom

Oportunizam sigurno nije nov, ali tu se s jedne strane uspjeh u instituciji, objavljivanju i karijeri navodno ljevičarskih profesora besramno prilagodio znanosti i strogoći – što nije samo po sebi loše – pa se onda antirasizam pretopio u zagovor etniciteta i hibridnosti, aktivizam u poziranje i stručno mišljenje, a spori politički rad u gestikulaciju i konferencije za tisak. A s druge se strane mrvljenje ljevice u organizacijskoj politici može opisati kao paradiranje pravedničkih i samoproglašenih, umišljenih mikrosekti koje crtaju zamršene arabeske oko obožavane ispravne linije i/ili kao ukopavanje identiteta i kulturalne pozicije s ciljem izbjegavanja nužnog novog ocjenjivanja.

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