MA Asian Cultural Studies starts September 2014

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MA Asian Cultural Studies (Recruiting for September 2014)

Combining critical theoretical perspectives with an in-depth regional focus, this unique programme provides you with the tools to make sense of the ascendance of Asia and its impact on contemporary culture and geopolitics. Britain is the birthplace of Cultural Studies. Goldsmiths is home to the UK’s largest concentration of scholars and postgraduate students in cultural studies. In the context of contemporary global geopolitics, with the ascendency of China and India, cultural studies must necessarily be Asian.

Most programmes like this are taught from Asian or area studies departments. This course’s assumption is that Asia is now too big for area studies. It is that a proper cultural framework is necessary for engaging with contemporary Asia. The MA incorporates the very highest level of cultural theory and study in global political economy. We feature an engagement with the arts and practice, drawing on Goldsmiths unique position and standing in the context of London’s urban experience. The programme builds on the Stuart Hall tradition in which theory, economics, politics, the arts and Asia itself are conceived as cultural.

You will be taught by renowned academics. Teaching on China is led by Professors Wang Hui, Scott Lash, and Michael Dutton, while Indian material is covered by Professors Sanjay Seth, John Hutnyk, and Dr Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay. Dr Rajyashree Pandey provides expertise on Japan.

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