God-Complex requires a sunset clause for #earlyadopters

Sociology, Anthropology, diaspora studies, culture industry, counter-mapping and even social media keeps on with this god-complex rule-the-world and document-everything orientation. What if counter-mapping decided that documenting everything forever was not the best thing, and – as I keep suggesting – included a sunset clause for all information. ie, code into the apps some way for the information to die after 100, or 1000, people have seen it. The side-effect of this might be that it would appeal to those early-adopter types. Can this also be adapted to counter-mapping? What would knowledge look like if the tendential imperative to define, catalogue and archive (kill) everything were not so sacred?
I think I already pointed to Counter-Mapping queen mary here, and at Uni North Carolina: http://countercartographies.wordpress.com/
Am thinking this is also an idea to sell to the product reviews people…
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