Adorno Marcuse correspondence on the student left, dialectics, left fascism, Institute, distortions, travel, recuperation and more

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Continue reading by clicking on the screenshot or here: adornomarcuse_germannewleft


The essay Resignation should also be read alongside this: adorno_resignation1969

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  • Peter Phipps  On 12/06/2013 at 14:21

    So much in these letters! Beautiful, thoughtful, personal, politcal dialogue between these giants… and they have feelings! Marcuse- what a guy!… If only he’d got out of the Med and taken a train to Zermatt to give ‘Teddy’ a hug and talk things through! Those old-days academic ‘recuperative’ summers (without forms and quotas to fill out) are as much a part of the text as the political differences between the Berkeley SDS and Frankfurt. Thanks John.



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