Mrinal Sen 90

Mrinal SenMrinal Sen is 90 today (May 14 2013) and all the best to him. I would argue that he is the greatest living film director, bare none.This YouTube page has some films by and on Sen:…2259.6576.0.9023.…0.0… (Thanks Abhijit). I will screen a number of Sen films – especially the Maoist period Calcutta films – Interview, Calcutta 71 and Padatik – in the monday night film screening slot in Autumn term at Goldsmiths. He gave Amitabh B his first break, he made Shabana A an actress, he showed Louis M the way round the city, and more and more. Come along to the screenings – check the what’s on back here or the Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies events calendar for info in late September (it will also be a course for credit as part of the new MA Critical Asian Studies, but its open to all comers like other CCS courses).

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  • mozibur ullah  On 14/05/2013 at 00:22

    I’ve been meaning to see his films for some time now. I didnt know he gave the big B his leg up! Are there any CCS courses running this spring term that are open to the public?


    • john hutnyk  On 14/05/2013 at 00:32

      Spring term courses, sure. As ever the Marx Capital course runs in Spring, starting 14 Jan. Probably also Text and Image, Biopolitics and Software Studies see here



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