Stiegler at Goldsmiths

If anyone’s up for some neuroscientific critique of capitalism in the spring term, Bernard Stiegler’s next lecture series might be your thing. As usual, the course will run on Wednesdays for five weeks after reading week, Feb 20th to Mar 20th, 2-5pm, RHB 137/LGB Council Room. All lectures (2-4pm) will be open to the public.
This year’s blurb:
With the stochastic technologies developed by Google and the deep transformation of the process of transindividuation in which the becoming of languages consists, combined with the development of the neuro-economy and neuro-marketing which allow to arrange psychical automatisms with digital and technological automatisms and control behaviours through the ‘reptilian’ brain, the psychopower which has dominated the twentieth century is replaced by a neuropower. Is it possible in such a situation to imagine another arrangement between brains, algorithms and digital retentions leading to a noopower and overcoming the toxicity of the neuropower structurally drive-based? We will try to investigate those questions by reading Frédéric Kaplan, Nicholas Carr, Paul Glimcher, Maryanne Wolf, Eric Kandel and some other thinkers of our times or of the XXth century – such as Lev Vygotsky.
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  • i_2s_  On 11/12/2012 at 00:35

    Reblogged this on Aberration from Stultification..


  • alisonhulme  On 11/12/2012 at 01:12

    I’m back from Beijing on the 13th March so once the jet lag’s subsided I’ll come along to one of the lectures. :-)


  • Saleh Mamon  On 11/12/2012 at 10:49

    Thanks, John. It is great the lecture is open to members of the public. What are the arrangements for the reading week? How can a person like me get access to the reading materials to prepare for the lecture series?


    • john hutnyk  On 11/12/2012 at 13:03

      How to get the readings to be discussed in the first class I think.

      am emailing you separately. Cheers


  • Saleh Mamon  On 31/01/2013 at 00:25

    John has Bernard recommended a reading list



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