Kracauer’s Orpheus in Paris, 1937

Lists, of Paris nightlife attractions. How can this not be known as antecedent of Benjamin’s Arcades? It links boulevards and commune and trinkets and more, it goes on to interweave opera, mischief, music and revolutions, and Panto! Brilliant, overlooked book.


Then, the delight that presents itself to the stumbling pedestrian. Organ grinders (18th Brumaire) cannot be far from Ziggy’s mind here. Turks!


And now, even better, the arcades themselves described as a grotto. Underworld phantasmagoria – with an educational mission.


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  • john hutnyk  On 23/07/2012 at 16:39

    The next sentence reads: ‘the whole street was devoted to entertainment’ p22



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