Mercedes Bunz: 30 May 2012 5pm

CCS presents: Mercedes Bunz: Designing Politics – On Social Media as Political Apparatuses
May 30, 5-7PM, Goldsmiths, RHB, Cinema
All welcome
Thinking about the political potential of media: Taking the Arab spring, we have seen that social media has been a good tool to find a date for the revolte, but it obviously wasn’t a good tool for political organisation – the movement quickly fell apart. While we always talk about the fact that social media helped the movement to rise, we never consider if social media also made the movement scatter. If we take this somewhat into account, we have to debate the interaction of social forms with design and communication – maybe even to an extent where we have to turn Althusser’s “Ideology and Ideological Status Apparatuses” on its head. For sure we have to ask: Which forms of the social do get a platform and which forms are suppressed?

Dr. Mercedes Bunz is a digital thinker, and lives in London. In 2009 Alan Rusbridger offered her to work as the Guardian’s technology reporter; before she was the online editor-in-chief of the Berlin based newspaper Tagesspiegel, and the editor-in-chief of the Berlin city magazine zitty. 1997 she co-founded DEBUG, a monthly magazine for electronic aspects of life, still being part of its board. Her PhD focused on the early history on the internet and the TCP/IP protocol. Currently she is lecturing at the Centre for the Humanities in Utrecht. Her forthcoming book “The Silent Revolution. How algorithms change knowledge, work, public and politics without making to much noise” will be published next year.

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