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Vernacular Globalization Workshop – Goldsmiths 6-Sept-2011

workshop on Vernacular Globalizations, Tuesday 6th Sept,

starting 3pm Goldsmiths RHB Cinema,

presentations by Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay, Moinak Biswas, Prabhat and others.

followed by this feature film by Arjun Gourisaria and Moinak Biswas – well worth seeing.

sthaniya sambaad‘ (‘spring in the colony‘),

(105 min. 2009, 35 mm, cinemascope, EST).

Q & A with one of the directors, Moinak Biswas.

6.15pm Tuesday Sept 6th, 2011 – also in the RHB Cinema

please take a look at and also the blog for responses to the film.

A moving, and funny, story of life in a refugee colony south of  the city of Kolkata.


All welcome, no charge.

We should not cave into PREVENT

A very disturbing email this morning – latest in a series of ever longer shrill missives on data protection that come in, and add to our workload. Not that I do not take them seriously, but it is not welcome news in between dealing with crap from UKBA (today, a note from a prospective visiting student funded from China for two years who, after ten or twelve letters back and forth between us, is finally refused entry because Home Office only issues visas for 12 months to visiting students, so now she can’t come at all! – Chinese Govt more flexible, will amend their funding to a year, and of course more work for us to try and fix this, basically by inviting her for two lots of 12 months. Cretinization!).

The point is, UKBA and terror programmes like the racist PREVENT must be exposed and resisted. It is distressing that we are even discussing this in relation to the PREVENT agenda, or rather, it is distressing that our esteemed retentional data manager is forced to discuss this and not just spit back an angry ‘no’. Still, the inference is that written data is all that matters here (the alternative – rumours that we are a part of the moral collapse/broken society/criminal decline and so on, are not subject to this ‘policy’ and cannot be passed on unless written down – though I guess now I’ve written it down it is obviously possible – HA!).

Enjoy. Weep. Despair.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: {snip}
Date: Fri, Sep 2, 2011 at 8:33 AM
Subject: [HoDAcademic] Third party disclosures of personal data

Dear All -

Further to reports in the press of a new initiative within the government’s “PREVENT” strategy concerning the covert surveillance of Muslim students – on what appears to be potentially rather scant evidence ( it seems timely to ask you to remind staff of the procedures for disclosures of personal data to third parties:

The individuals within the College who are authorised to make disclosures of personal data to the police (or in fact anyone who wishes the disclosure to be made without data subject consent) are the Director of Student Services, the Data Protection Officer and the Registrar and Secretary. (The Director of HR is added to this list – in practice only for staff data – although of course there is currently a vacancy.) Disclosures to the vpolice are in the vast majority of cases not compulsory but at the discretion of the College, and the College must accept legal liability for any challenge to its decision from the data subject (should he or she discover later that the disclosure has been made). Recently police tactics of investigation have tended to become more intrusive and one hears of more instances of refusals by universities to cooperate than a few years ago. This is not confined to the anti-terrorism agenda but is more general. Approaches adopted by the policy are inconsistent and do not always go through the institution’s obvious channels for personal data disclosure.

The procedures for disclosure of personal data in the Goldsmiths Data Protection Policy strictly only apply where there is written (or otherwise recorded) information involved at some point in the process (as there often is). However it would be helpful if I could be kept informed of any approaches made by the police to obtain information from you or your staff under their current initiative, as this contributes to a general overview of the risk environment in terms of potential invasion of privacy. Over the next two weeks I shall however be away, {snip}

‘Candida Camera’ – MA Cultural Studies Unfinished Business flick

“Candida Camera” asks what is cultural studies, and where does it happen? Locals, students, academics and various rogues interviewed. A rambling paranoiac documentary around New Cross, made for the “Unfinished Business: Undoing Cultural Studies” conference on 4th-5th July 2011.

Vernacular Globalization 3pm Tuesday 6th September – Goldsmiths

Tuesday 6 September

Vernacular Globalization and ‘sthaniya sambaad‘ (‘spring in the colony‘),

An afternoon workshop followed by a film.


A workshop on Vernacular Globalizations, from 3pm with Bhaskar Mukhopadhyay, Moinak Biswas and others.

Followed by a feature film by Arjun Gourisaria and Moinak Biswas:

‘sthaniya sambaad‘ (‘spring in the colony‘),

(105 min. 2009, 35 mm, cinemascope, EST).

Q & A with one of the directors.

6.15pm Tuesday Sept 6th, 2011 – Goldsmiths Cinema RHB Small Hall

please take a look at and also the blog for responses to the film.

The film is a moving, and funny, story of life in a refugee colony south of the city of Kolkata.

All welcome, no charge.

Event Information

Location: Cinema, Richard Hoggart Building
Cost: Free
Department: Centre For Cultural Studies
Time: 6 September 2011, 15:00 – 20:30


Also, on Thursday 8 September


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