David ‘Desert Rat’ Cameron

As we watch appalled as the UN decides to declare war with No Fly Zone and more, this is the onward march into the new crusades on the part of David ‘Desert Rat’ Cameron. With his arms-trader interest in weapons sales and colonial intervention as a sideshow, he can secure his ‘legacy’ with the every-leader-must-have-one bespoke middle east war. Its clearly not just daft daft daft, its criminal – and it worked out so well for his twin Thatcherite brother Bliar. Both of a type…

so, as we watch this car crash unfold…

…a reminder to read the Vijay Prashad piece on Ghadafi in The Paper.

Libya’s Lost Promise

Write me for actual paper copies while they last.

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  • Jeff Heydon  On 23/03/2011 at 16:52

    Likewise for those of us on the Northern end of the other side of the Pond. Our current weasel in charge is attempting the full Sarkozy – engage in yet another conflict to distract the country from his domestic failings …

    War really is the ultimate political solution … unless you’re George Bush Sr. of course …



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