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Faded Glories of the Aristocracy one week, Rag and Bone the Next. Calder Bookshop after the revelry.

Thursday 9th December 7.00 p.m.


aldous Huxley

Known only for his one great novel “Il Gattopardo” (The Leopard) about the Italian “Risorgimento”, in which his family played a major role, Lampedusa’s recently published correspondance opens the way to an understanding of this world aristocrat, his life, cultures and importance.

Entry £6/£4. Booking advisable. The Calder Bookshop in the Cut is not a huge space…

[The Leopard, everyone will know, was made into a Visconti film starring the incomparable Burt Lancaster, and was subject to Gilles Deleuze gazing into his crystal of time balls in Cinema 2 - JH].



Plus, the next week, on the wednesday:

sheilaWednesday 15th December 7.00 p.m.


When Harry Met Sheila is the story of highly acclaimed comedy actress, Sheila Steafel, her relationship with Steptoe and Son actor Harry H. Corbett and how a woman, who should have had the world at her feet, ultimately destroyed her marriage and promising career. Sheila’s autobiography is a brave and honest account by an actress who was once crowned “The Queen of Comedy”.

Tel: 020 7620 2900
51 The Cut, London SE1 8LF

How is it possible to create a laboratory where the separation of theory and political practice is continually put into discussion? A space where research becomes the elaboration of programmatic points,
that is to say, co-research?

This is the question that gave life to Uninomade, a network of researchers and social movement activists who have developed this organization as a tool of self-education and collective reflection for new political categories able to interpret and transform the present. From here, from this common patrimony and the urgency of this question, a group of comrades has decided to start anew.
This is a political phase characterized by continuity and discontinuity. The worsening crisis is assuming the profile of a permanent condition of contemporary capitalism, one that we had hypothesized, even if the “recomposition” of antagonistic processes doesn’t mechanically and synchronically correspond to this condition. Nevertheless, we are witnessing the multiplication of small and large social movements and strikes – from the factory to the metropolis, in Italy and around the world – on a daily basis. These new struggles evoke the concrete turning the crisis into a space of new possibility. Investigating the production of subjectivity and power inside the new composition of living labor, new forms of struggle and differential temporalities, finding innovative places and dynamics of connection: these are the challenges that, even if in different forms, we are collectively facing.

This is the direction that the Uninomade 2.0 site would like to go, proposing a place where this common research can take form. It is a site that functions both as an archive and as a collection point for the materials for our coming seminars – on Europe and the crisis, on the common from a juridical viewpoint and on welfare and its transformations, to name a few. It is a site that looks to constitute a tool for reflection and theoretical and political debate as well as for the collection and circulation of analysis and elaboration. In the end, it is a site that attempts to intervene in the struggles and the questions raised along this path of research, continually open to relationships with social movements and forms of conflict. To be at the height of this challenge, we think that the national limits of the discussion should be immediately put into question: even though we keep a constant eye on what happens in what was once called the “Italian laboratory”, the objective of Uninomade 2.0 is the assumption of European and transnational dimension as a space of analysis, reflection and political action.

Recent Correspondence

Pop Quiz: my inclination is not to bother with a reply, even though I see this as an endorsement (received yesterday):

Dear Professor Hutnyk,
Your letter in a recent edition of the Guardian, praising (“magnificent”) the disgraceful “student” riot, criminal damage and attempted murder of a police officer, drew my attention to your web site, and I wonder how you can justify your position and cost to the tax payer? So far I have been unable to find any useful activities amongst any of the 290 “academics” who signed that letter, no teachers of science, engineering, medicine or any other useful discipline, just the usual damaging nonsense of Marxist Critical Theory, Trade Union activism, Feminism and Lesbian studies, Anti racism and other Commie bullshit which has degenerated our benighted country this last 40 or so years.
I hope that your letter and the list of signatories will be used in the not too distant future to cull you and your colleagues with £millions saved in public expenditure.
Yours etc
Dr Stuart H Russell

So, if I were in fact to reply to comrade Russell I’d have to agree with him on one point, even though on all the rest I’d like to make some minor qualifications of the critique. Basically, on each item there is something more to add: for example, I reject the idea that I am an advocate of Marxist Critical Theory, that is, unless it comes with a commitment to praxis and change through mass mobilization and a sustained and informed Party organization committed to justice, equality and ending exploitation. Anyone who reads carefully knows I am not a huge fan of Trade Union Activism unless it comes with a critique of TU tops and yellow Unionism (Marx said the call should not just be for higher wages but to abolish the wage system). Also, its clear to me – read Nina Power – that Feminism comes in a great many varieties, so you would need to specify whether this is socialist-feminism or some other version. Similarly, I am often a critic of mere ‘anti-racism’, which I think must be extended and pushed to be anti-imperiasm and actual redress (its not enough to shout ‘Nazis Out’ at a middle class rally in town while in the suburbs racists thrive and overseas bombs fall). I also have it on good authority that I am a disgraceful lesbian. But Stuart H does have me on the Communist Bullshit thing – guilty as charged: Marx himself was never done with his ‘economic shit’, he kept piling it on, showing how the economics of empire and nation were a threat to the working class, as is the British State (where to start? Sending troops to fight elitist, racist wars? The Royal Wedding? The Queen’s mining industry investments? I dunno). But all in all, its a fair cop Stu, even if I really can’t see how a note from the former National Press Officer of the BNP has much to do with what I say on my blog or the huge amount of teaching I do for the taxpayers of this fair and pleasant colonial empire. It is nice to be appreciated.

The original letter signed by so many should of course also be read carefully – no-one praised the attempted murder of a police officer, which anyway is a pretty wild escalation of rhetoric. On the police and violence – and there have been a lot of truncheons out – I myself have been calling for an arranged Student v Police Snowball Fight on Whitehall. Proceeds to your favourite charitable alibi (The Secret Policeman’s Ball or Red Wedge or similar). All in good cheer. Over and Out.

Shut Down London 9.12.2010

From NCAEC @ Thursday 9th December: Student and education workers from across the country should come to London. Students should make picket lines to ensure all workers comes out. Shut down institutions, blockade and picket schools, colleges and universities.
“Shut down London” should be our slogan for the day. We will invite Ed Miliband to the massive march on parliament.
We call on all Trade Unions to support the action and call on their members to walk out and support the protests. The TUC should call on their members to support the demo if they can’t go out during the day, and to attend the demo after work.
Those who really cannot make it to London should have solidarity actions across the country; protests outside town halls etc.

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The Long Weekend @ Goldsmiths (starts 4/5.10.2010, and should continue until the last gut string is played)




For 48 hours, Goldsmiths will become a furnace of creativity, a place to re-imagine resistance against the cuts. The Long Weekend will reclaim the public, critical space that universities and art schools should be. We will transform the buildings into a living laboratory, an art school for the future, which brings together art students, artists, cultural workers and those fighting the cuts from across the UK to share in defiance against the relentless marketization of our education and our lives. We will share knowledge and skills; we will collaborate across disciplines, ages and backgrounds; we will turn our imagination and desires into tools of disobedience. We will make sure that all the knowledge, ideas,tools and projects which emerge from the event will be disseminated and put into action in streets and public spaces across the country and be shared by all those in the anti-cuts movements.

The Long Weekend will be a feast of non stop workshops and presentations, slide shows and films, how-to sessions and skill shares, and a free space for spontaneous creation of events, actions and expressions. Its not important what art is but what it does, and right now it has the potential to turn the crisis of cuts into an opportunity for change.


To do this week (note to self)

Monday 6th – Unkettling Education – teach-in Goldsmiths 10am-9pm: See here.
Tuesday 7th – The Humanities and the Idea of the University': Tuesday 7 December 2010, 11am-6pm, Saloon (M004), Ground Floor, Mansion Building, Middlesex University, Trent Park campus, Bramley Road, London N14 4YZ. (not sure if I can get to this one, but it looks good. Details on Middlesex site)
Tuesday eve from 6pm Centre for Cultural Studies xmas party Royal Albert pub New Cross Rd
Wednesday 8th – day of actions on campuses. Snowball fight with Forces of Reaction planned.
Thursday 9th – National demonstration, Convergence on Parliament, etc. Don’t get kettled, do run in zig zag lines, wear warm clothes.
Friday 10th – 2-4PM Jodi Dean talk – about her book Blog Theory, New Academic Building LG01 Goldsmiths.
followed by from 5pm Benjamin Noys Persistance of the Negative book launch
  • get colleagues to spend 3k on books at library by May 2011
  • raise Kathleen Cleaver money for visit october 2011
  • read PhD drafts (currently 2 on desktop)
  • reading for Postone study group (100 pages)
  • Write adorno names essay linked with middle east musics, sonic jazz.
  • camouflage article for Peter – rewrite
  • islands T8 presentation – book for Malta conf.
  • Strange Musics book Varese-Zappa to Steve Clarke
  • Book:Research Diaries, with Daisy
  • workers inquiry text (money for assist on edit)
  • Trinkets book with Alison – proposal to publisher.
  • write up borders talks, culture industry talk brussels, cph talk on bees, Kolkata preservation talk, ATTHQ,
  • write up Spivak talk (clandestino) and post video on web.
  • write up talk from bombing of poems booklaunch
  • working day chapter to write up as commentary on present workload!
  • rewrite last chapter of Rumour again on Bill Gates fund or FB guy and Sworkin Film
  • write piece for Cultural Studies now – for Jeremy in Sweden (see p19 red Kolkata notebook 2010.1)
  • Get a Mac backup hard drive for back ups and one as scratch disk
  • Centre for Cultural Studies distinctiveness text, Teaching and Learning strategy doc
  • calculate CCS workloads
  • CCS publications plan?
  • read Hussey and Wacquant on Banliues
  • put MTV Hot video of Dis-Orienting Rhythms on Daily Motion or similar

Communist Students dayschool: December 4, 2010 London

Communist Students are holding a dayschool on the 4th of December to discuss the pressing issues facing the student movement and the perspectives and strategy of our own organisation. The school is open to all, not just members of CS, and there will be plenty of time for questions and debate after a short introduction.
12 – 5pm @ the College Arms, 18 Store St, London, WC1E 7DH
For more information, see, or email


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