Thead our hero//Space as Final Frontier//The tendency for the rate of profit to flail about madly like a neon beam emanating from your skull.

Sci Fi literature over and over enacts the subsumption of everyday life before my very eyes, and more and more of my day is teleported into commodification. From the mundane tech of gadgets, phones and comm-sets, to regimes of control, underlying code and even the modalities of aspiration; myriad forms of life are morphed in transition towards a fetish-virtuality. Science as fiction = life as fiction here. The imperative of the galactic mode of production draws even our fables of the future into a calculated orbit. Life becomes ever more alien, it must be subjugated and rendered – fetishized – off-world. Bladerunner, Fifth Element, A.I., so many utopian adventured dramatize this transition. Everything, even fear – the Alien series among many – becomes product.

Currently re/reading:

H. G. Wells – The Time Machine
Mikhail Bulgakov – The Master and the Magarita
Vincent King – Another End
Jeff Noon – Pollen, Vurt (in that order!)

Outside my capsule the commodification of everything proceeds apace, we only quibble about the schedules for the roll-out. The colonization of other worlds is then the displaced manifestation of the rapid and total colonization of ever more integrated aspects of our daily lives. We are astronauts of economic space. Everything is catered for in a vacuum, and screaming is pointless.

Thead is our hero from the works of Vincent King – aka Rex Thomas Vincen.

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  • Maria Technosux  On 06/12/2006 at 17:27

    Not only that, but sci-fi also teaches you that the bad effects of technology (industr. production and consumerism) can only alleviated by more technology (industr. production and consumerism): the good mother(load) ship kills off the bad mother(load) ship. Not AI but Artificial Scarcity is the true theme of sci-fi.



  • Todd  On 31/12/2006 at 04:12

    Hey this has nothing to do with this post, but i happened to be searching the web for Zizek articles and found your blog, and on the same page I saw that you mentioned Imogen. I am a student at the new school and I really miss her.




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