With Cat Like Tread… stomp stomp

Gulp, the week has flown by and being in Melbourne has landed me with the old allergies and hay-fever that is part of what keeps me away, but news sent from Pirate Paul reminds me that going back to England isn’t necessarily a return to the real: This item:
‘April 5, 2006: BBC News: “Terror fear over Clash fan’s song”
A phone salesman was hauled off a London-bound plane by police after his taste in music aroused terrorism fears. Harraj Mann, 23, asked a taxi driver to play The Clash’s London Calling through the vehicle’s stereo.
But the cabbie rang police after he heard the song which includes the line: “War is declared and battle come down”. Police said Mr Mann, from Hartlepool, was released without charge after his arrest on board a Bmi plane at Durham Tees Valley Airport. Durham Police said a security check revealed he did not pose a threat.’

Well great – profiling AND surrealism. The Clash were dodgy I agree, but this is five days after April Fool’s day, so its sets me wondering… I will think carefully and choose something equally provocative – perhaps ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ by Gilbert and Sullivan – for my ride home next week…

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  • Anonymous  On 08/04/2006 at 08:02

    Please give my love to Angie, Ben, Damien etc.


  • Anonymous  On 08/04/2006 at 10:19

    Or, you could always sing along to
    Judy Garland’s The Pirate, and have the opportunity to rhyme ‘neurasthenia’ with ‘scizophrenia’… not far off from lines about ‘phoney Beatlemania’ biting the dust.


  • John Hutnyk  On 08/07/2006 at 11:33

    It seems latter day pirates are not getting a good press



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